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    Mildura Victoria Australia
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    QS, horses all animals mm my social life!!!

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  1. Don't forget the Mambo chat in the chat room tonight 8:30pm :)

    1. mel


      I;ll be there!

  2. eeek just put in my deposit for the no strings attached clinic at the connection to collection tour!!

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    2. Meredith


      woohoo....good for you Amanda. It'll be fabulous fun.


    3. del


      My deposit will be in today as well

    4. vickimarr


      Well done girls . . . . :-)

  3. Brumby girl you can join mine and dr debs group if you like. Thanks for the spreadsheet!
  4. I need to put my hand up for one of these. Thankfully Demaris thinks being a lead rein pony is super easy!! Ashlin won't get of him!
  5. 3 blue tick for 3 assignments uploaded with Cruz from the level 1 in a day play day!!!

  6. It was fantastic I was so proud of Cruz he did a magnificent job! It was a little out of my comfort zone getting on another horse having really only rode Demaris for the last umm 16yrs!! Hehe I did perhaps get a little fetal position at one stage but all in all I was pretty impressed with myself too!! Look out Cruz and I will be past level 1 in a flash!!
  7. Level 1 in a day Play Day Join us for an amazing display of level 1 skillls. See Cruz's first attempts at his level 1 assignments with a level 2 rider! See riders working in level 1 demonstrating the assignments. If your working in level 1 or thinking about joining the program this playday is for you!! SAT 19th of JAN 1.30 onwards at Riverbend Veterinary Service Contact: Dr Deb 50220099 or 0418303890 or Amanda 0413147465
  8. Haha we were thinking about wallowing in the horse waters too! It actually wasn't as bad as it sounds tho. We rode in the evening and put the sprinklers on out the back and just did our thing. Demaris and I even managed to pass our simple lead changes and bareback assignment over this weekend. I couldn't be more proud of him. Adele and Deek worked through some issues and ended on a fast canter on the gallop pattern which was great to see!!!! Karen and Tigger had a fab go at everything including a canter passenger lesson with Demaris and a go at the gallop pattern. We had a new student Judy come with her most beautiful arab, Chris and McCloed getting some positive reflexes and Mariah and Duffy working on their forward and confidence. It was an inspiring weekend despite the heat!!
  9. Wow way to go! I am super proud of both of you, that's an amazing acheivement!
  10. 2 blue ticks in 2 days!!! Demaris and I passed our simple lead changes and bareback riding!! Woohoo not many now til we have passed level 2!!!!!

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    2. CometE


      Well done! Amanda.

    3. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      Very very happy for you Amanda!

    4. Mandaz


      Thanks guys I'm so proud of my old boy!!


  11. Mandaz

    Moon Light Ride

    Oh i want to come!!! Moonlight rides are awesome. Pity its just a little bit far for me to make it. Hope you all have fun though!!!
  12. The strangest thing happened when i went out in the paddock yesterday! I had been out wandering around spraying weeds and the horses had all ignored me but when i came back with my lead and stick all four horses stopped eating grass and walked straight to me standing in a semi circle in front of me! I gave them all a pat and then slipped the rope on Demaris and did some work, then after i had finished and let him go the other 3 came back and again stood in front of me! So i caught...

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    2. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      Dont you know!!! its because your so hot amanda!!!

    3. lizarch


      They had a plan....'if we all go together, maybe we can force her into a corner and steal the halter and leadrope so we don't have to work anymore!" lol

    4. Mandaz


      bahahaha i dont know about the hot or attractive bits but the cornering and carrots well yes thats more like what they would be thinking!!


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