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    Mudgeeraba - Gold Coast
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    Horses, breeding dogs, writing, reading, watching movies and spending time with my family, not much time for anything else!!!

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  1. Hi Shane, can you please email me the link to the new look forum?

    1. Shane


      It will be here when it comes online.

  2. Thanks Lorraine, I will keep that date in mind, how do I find out time etc?
  3. Great question and I'm sure you will get lots of great advice My young horse was like this when I first started working with her, she almost had ADD....so focused on other things. I made sure she was always focused on me when we started by keeping her moving and when it was rest time if she dared look around at something to take her mind of me I would either tap her shoulder or give a little tug on my rope first then fit that didn't work immediately I'd send her off in a circle to make her work. Didn't take long and she knows now to keep focused
  4. Thank you Elise, Pottsville sounds great, nice and close. I need to get going again. I was so dedicated when I had someone here to practise with each day and film each other. If you know of anyone close by here please let them know Cheers
  5. Hi everyone I really need to get back into the programme and film assignments ( I have so many already filmed however have not put them in so need to start again). So I need someone to practise with so I make the commitment. I am happy to offer free agistment at our place (and can feed daily too if required) if someone is interested to buddy up and go through the programme together. Also be a buddy to trail ride with through so many awesome trails nearby. I am in Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast. Belinda
  6. I know of one that may suit, free lease and ok for beginners, I'll give you a call. Belinda
  7. I introduced my girl to a tarp for the first time. Introducing her to a few new things each week whilst working on L1 ground work with her. Hope to submit a few groundwork assignments in about a month, we are taking it slowly.
  8. I also prefer not to rug however on the odd occasion that I do I use a Skye Park lined Canvas rug. They are expensive however are water proof if you need it and breathe so if you can't take it off for some reason your horse won't overheat. They are so strong and will last for years. Skye Park have a great website where you can read all about them. I wouldn't go for a cheaper canvas rug and they won't breathe and usually get soaked when it rains heavily. Cheers Belinda
  9. I'm back and can't wait to continue my journey :)

    1. Meredith


      Hey Belinda. Great to see you back. Can't wait to see your next part of your journey.

    2. Carola


      Welcome bak!!

  10. I also met this wonderful lady at a QS group organiser's two day work shop back in 2007 or maybe 2008 not exactly sure. Since then we have kept in touch and Tan has been a true inspiration to me, always helpful and there if needed to chat. I still find it hard to believe this such sad news Tan was a fighter, so positive and always happy, she never once showed any sign of pity or negativity and was always strong and full oflife. Such a beautiful human being with a huge heart. Thank you for being a part of my life, Tan you will always be missed and always be an inspiration. My thoughts are with Tan and her beautiful family xxx
  11. Thanks everyone, filmed one today but 'Im not happy with it so going to have another go tomorrow, I know we can do better. We were both distracted so I wasn't fully focused and he took the full advantage of that, not his fault just mine. Will film it again in a couple more days, it's our skills check L1, he's very good when we both focus
  12. Hi everyone Well I finally managed to find a little more motivation and have decided to get back into my QS assignments....again.... To cut a long story short I sold my beautiful Thor (he was suffering with itchy skin in QLD )which I had no fear of and rode just about everywhere to buying Jescee, a very spirited Arabian full of cheek and personality and only really likes to go one speed and that's a gallop!!! I've had Jescee since Jan this year and have not yet even sat in his back I do have a very experienced kind gentle friend who is an amazing rider take him out most weeks for a ride on trails where they cross bridges, jump huge logs and cross water etc, so he's getting out and about otherwise he'd go crazy. So now it's my turn to make it fair to him and start my L1 assignments and move him through quickly to keep him busy. I'm looking forward to the journey but the idea of riding one reined is very daunting as he usually prefers to go from a stand still into a canter then gallop if he's allowed, he's well behaved and always stops when asked......so I need to build confidence and trust and hope to just sit on him sometime in the next few weeks and progress to walking him, if he knows how to walk!! I'll keep posted and hope o submit 2-3 assignments over this month....let's see how we go, he's an amazing horse with a huge heart and play drive, I just need to learn to trust him and follow my dream! Cheers everyone Belinda and Jescee
  13. Hi Meredith I managed to film today, we are certainly not ready for a pass just yet but just to show you where he's. Funnily enough today he was SO much better, I have been working on him the last few days and cut my energy back a little but also a change of diet too. There's a few things in the assignment that we haven't worked much on so it's just for you see his personality. Cheers Belinda
  14. Hi Denise It's a lot about personal preference too. I LOVE our treeless saddle, takes 2 seconds to put on and weighs about 3kg. I feel I have super close connection and my horse (when I was riding Thor and Amber in it) felt every movement. I feel very secure in the saddle too, so never like I'm about to fall out. I also have a western saddle but only used that on longer trails so I could hang everything off it! I never rode in my western at home because it's heavy and takes longer to put on and I got sick of the girthing system. There are some really good treeless saddles and some cheaper ones. I like the Ghost brand and the freeform. At present I have a barefoot however it's outdated now and there are much better ones around. I'm going to buy one soon so am also looking around and have narrowed it down to a few. So all about what you want and what fits your horse best, treeless are much better on low withered wider type horses...have fun looking!! Cheers Belinda
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