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  1. Peter said:- "Second, if your paddocks are as wet as the whole UK was when I was there a month ago, staying out in the mud 24/7 is NOT a good thing to help bare feet grow better. You may need to bring him in for at least four hours a day to let his feet dry out " I'm glad you mentioned this Peter as Erin is taking a HUGE backward step and is becoming very footy on the gravel of our drive. We got over the wormer-induced incident and she was sound as a pound again, but then we had a wet spell and the hardcore isn't down around the feeder yet (next week) and although she is in for five hours a day, she is back to the point of requiring boots to be ridden :cry: I have checked carefully for thrush and can't see (or smell!!) any signs of it but she has gone back to having what you so eloquently described using technical terms as having "nasty mushy frogs"!!! If it's a case of just using boots throughout wet periods then I am happy to do so, but am suffering that paranoia that only horse owners know about and a friend of mine describes as "little daggers in the heart" and wondering whether I should be looking for more sinister causes. Dawn (it's the run up to Christmas, I am fraught and a gimpy horse is the last straw!!! Recognise the feeling ladies!!?) PS That was sexist :wink: I sowwi!!!
  2. Hi Vicki and Ute, Is the Pat Coleby book you mention called "Natural Horsecare"? Before I go clicking buttons on Amazon!!! Kevin and I spent the weekend digging out soil with a mini digger (fun!)and taking delivery of hardcore and stones to surround the big bale hay feeder, so the BF girls aren't standing ankle deep in mud all winter, a neighbour asked what the hard core was for and when I said it was for the horses to stand on whilst they ate they said "ohhh.... that's really cruel" :roll: Yep...... that's me, heartless and ee-vil to the core :wink: Dawn
  3. Hi Peter, Many thanks for that, it's put my mind at rest. So...... off to research natural wormers and buy myself a worm egg count kit!! Cheers Dawn and a slightly less gimpy today Erin
  4. Hi folks, Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on or experience of the above? Erin has been ridden without boots now for ages and I am averaging about 30 to 40 miles a week in short daily rides. We are covering all kinds of terrain in walk and trot and a little bit of canter with absolutely no problems. On Tuesday I wormed with a double dose as we are advised to do at this time of year. I had been considering not bothering as Erin and Magic have a slave who picks up their poop everyday in the summer (moi ) and their winter grazing is also grazed by sheep so I don't bother being a toilet attendant during the winter months! I decided to give this one last dose as it was in the cupboard! I rode Erin out later that day, we did twelve and a half miles and she was full of go and feeling great. However, yesterday (Weds), I rode out for about an hour in the woods behind my house and she was most definitely not herself. Very unwilling to walk out and once we hit a hard track it was obvious that she was feeling her feet :cry: and was just not herself. When I brought her in from the field today to feed her and check her over, she was looking quite sore on all four feet when she was walking over the stones in our gravel driveway. I left her in for an hour or two then went and checker her feet very carefully for any signs of anything that could be causing her discomfort. I couldn't see a thing. Her feet were trimmed on Sunday (when I say "trimmed" it was declared there was nothing to do other than a little tiny tidy on one foot as we are riding such a lot) and there is no evidence of thrush or anything like that, besdies, she appears sore in all four feet. Erin's system is very "clean" these days and I just wonder if something like a heavy dose of chemical wormer could knock her metabolism a bit? Sorry this is so long but I just wondered if anyone else has had this sort of thing happen? I have wracked my brains as to the cause of her soreness and can't think of anything else as that was the only change to our usual routine. Erin has never had laminitis and is fit as a flea at the moment, on a winter bare field with water and hay and fed Simple Systems which as the name suggests is basically a forage feed and as near to natural hoss grub as you can get. Peter, great to see you here BTW!! Don't know if you remember us but we were at your clinic in Aberdeenshire and Erin was one of your "models"!! The big grey Irish Draft X and you also kindly came to my house with Anni and trimmed little Magic the Shetland. I think I remember you mentioning wormers during your talk which is what prompted me to ask on the forum. Cheers folks and I look forward to any flashes of inspiration!! Dawn
  5. It was EXCELLENT!! I still have the flies on my teeth to prove it!! Erin was an absolute star - I am so happy to have a sound horse again after all this time, it was quite emotional!! In the end, after hours of fretting and deliberation, I decided to only boot the front feet (with Epics) and that worked out fine. Her hind feet looked great at the end. We are on our way to rock crusher grade!! Dawn (still grinning).
  6. Lynda, So sorry to read your post. You must feel dreadful. Big hugs. Dawn
  7. Hi Trace!! I wasn't sure whether to boot or not. I don't normally at home when out riding, and I did a 17 miles hill trip on stoney going with no boots, but as speed is going to be involved on Sunday and as I am riding with a friend who's horse is shod, I decided to boot all round just to be safe. I managed to win three Easyboot Epics in two competitions!! I was desparately trying to win a fourth but time was running out so dammit.... I had to put my hand in my pocket - and you know how well that goes down in Scotland The going on Sunday will be mostly hard forest tracks I think, also I am very aware that the eyes of the world will be upon me as I have flouted tradition and taken up wafty horsemanship and whipped the shoes off so if I were to limp back into the venue I would have failed miserabley as the Barefoot Poster Child!!! How long has Pocco been BF? Erin had her back shoes removed 13 months ago and her fronts 11 months ago so it's still quite early days really and - and I hate to say this :wink: - our ground is much wetter isn't it? Will let you know how it goes!! Dawn
  8. Hi Liz, As far as I know Peter Laidely is in the UK during this month. You can check out his web site for details. I went on his trimming course in May of this year and it was mind blowing. If you have problems getting hold of him let me know and I can maybe help. My trimmer is in contact with him as he is doing another clinic in Scotland at some point. My horse was diagnosed with a broken pedal bone last July and after the prescribed rest was still lame. As I felt I had nothing to lose I decided to go with a friends advice and try barefoot. I have never looked back. Erin was literally sound within days and has transitioned well. In fact, we are off on Sunday to our first endurance ride in over 15 months Good luck! Dawn
  9. Hey Tracy!! Just catching up on the forum and noticed your post about your endurance ride! Well done! That's great Shane asked us at the weekend what our goals were and I had so many all of a sudden I didn't know which one to say but one I didn't mention was going out and competing again. I did endurance for years with my former horse but Erin and I have only done a few pleasure rides and a couple of the lower mileage competitions. Although she isn't exactly built for speed :wink: she loves getting out there and doesn't exactly hang about - which has been my problem in the past. Completing a ride kinda left me feeling like I'd just been involved in a runaway train wreck. So....... that's my dream, to get out there - be able to trot my horse up for the vet without providing the entertainment for the day and having a calm horse throughout Thanks for remindling me Tracy!! Dawn
  10. Thanks for the comments guys! I woke up this morning and my very first thought was about the demo Shane had Erin and I do at the end of the clinic (changing direction through a circle using the spiral) and during the night something has clicked in my subconscious and I got what he meant - EXACTLY - and can't wait to get back onboard and have a another go!! Ute - I am certainly going to give Erin a big treat today, she was a star all weekend...... even the heading off to the door taught me something as Shane pointed out that I had actually made this MUCH worse as when she braces herself and sets off in her chosen direction - when I can't turn her guess what I do? I give up - aka RELEASE!!! ARGH!!! Clever horse does usually head for something solid where in my mind I can no longer turn so I give up and usually turn the way she was going!! I never even realised I did this, she has me very well trained. So when she set her head and neck against me and set off I had to jump off and disengage her HQ then jump back on and try again - was I ever happy that my saddle doesn't slip I must have been on and off about 10 times before she decided it was just easier to stay on a circle!!! I was pooped!!! In amongst all this apparently I managed one step of canter...... not once, but twice!!! Shirley, you and the rest of the gang are always a great source of inspiration on the DVD's and this forum is such a great place too...... we got some new members at the weekend so hopefully they will appear on here before too long! Dare I mention that it's raining BTW? Dawn PS Meredith - hope you get a good pressie brought back for you!!!
  11. Well!! What can I say?! Having all but despaired of EVER getting anywhere with my horse I am just this second back from a two day clinic with Shane and Dan here in Scotland...... and my enthusiasm is BACK!!! Still on cloud nine! I have so much to go and practice and that last L1 Challenge doesn't seem such a huge problem anymore! (OK, remind of that sentence next week will ya?!) Many many thanks again you guys, that was just the BEST clinic I have ever attended. What was even greater was that some of the spectators have seen Erin at clinics in the past and I had some very very nice comments about how different our relationship was now and how soft she had become - in comparison to past times (she added quickly should anyone who was there read this and recall the two occasions when the old Erin <or> re-emerged and headed for the door sideways at speed :wink: ). I was able to honestly say that it was all thanks to QS and the fact that I have been working through the programme My brain is SO full and I have press ganged a friend into typing out all her notes so I won't forget a thing. We got some new members to swell our ranks too so a fantastic weekend all round. Dawn (off to lapse into a coma) and Erin (I need more food - Shane said I lost weight over the weekend and I need to keep my roundness)
  12. Hi folks, Polly, glad the move went OK and I know what you mean about competition between hoss folks :cry: I think you made the right decision there. I attended a local agricultural show last weekend and my son and I stood ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the Shetland Pony in-hand class, especially as some had a foal at foot (totally irresistable handy handbag sized cuddly pet!!). We couldn't help but hear some of the conversations between parents watching their kids lead the ponies round and MAN was it competitive!! Ute - poor Prince. Is he injured? My Arab mare used to put her foot through the fence just for boredom relief I am sure. I would find her stuck, race for the wire cutters, masacre the fence and as I walked away, hear a "ping" as she pushed her foot back through! Of course a shoe was normally caught in the wire...... if I had known about barefoot then I'd have ruined her little game! I am off out to battle the flies and the heat today and attempt to play with my much neglected horse (yes yes I know, but it's hot for HERE!!!) - have had a surreal couple of weeks which I won't go into here as it is TOTALLY off topic but suffice to say it involved my car spontaneously combusting which tested my emotional fitness no end - it would appear I have none under certain trying circumstances :? Dawn (now aka "The Firestarter")
  13. Thanks for the back tips ladies!! Yes I do Yoga (well..... pilates) and I have actually remembered what caused my "crook back" now. The day before I had been walking through my paddock and noticed some ragwort growing - a nasty poisonous weed that seems to have decided my field is a good place to start a colony. Some of the plants were quite deep rooted so instead of walking the short distance back to the garage to get the SPECIAL ragwort fork SPECIALLY designed for loosening its roots that I bought SPECIALLY for the job I continued to just heave them out myself. Result, one very sore back and absolutely no sympathy from the fam :wink: Am feeling up to some groundwork today so will go and convince Erin that although it's like a tropical rain forest here (what is with this freaky weather?!), we need to actually make a bit of an effort. Especially as we missed playing at the play day yesterday :cry: Ute....... all those foot problems? I am sensing an equine conspiracy 8) Cheers Dawn
  14. Thanks for sharing all that Ruby - loads of info to absorb Sounds like you and Ace had a great time. Isn't it amazing when those lightbulbs go on? I recently submitted my L1 Contact Riding Challenge and on the feedback, Shane suggested I use an indirect rein to help keep my horse straight on back ups when she wandered off course or just got plain stuck. The next time I tried it, there was a loud clang as the penny dropped for both of us!! It only took one session with one or two indirect reins and she got it (or should I say *I* got it ) and I was able to resubmit. Only one more L1 Challenge to go now but I am cursed. We are having our second play day today and I was looking forward to taking Erin and getting some ridden stuff done but I have woken up this morning with an incredibly painful back!! Haven't a clue how that happened but I am walking around like a half shut knife (and moaning a lot of course - but so far not much sympathy!!) so it looks like I will be sitting on the sidelines this time :cry: Bye for now Dawn <whine>
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