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  1. mel

    Liv has done it again!

    Well done Live and Ben!! Congratulations
  2. Fantastic news!! Congratulations to you Caitlin and Briggie!!!
  3. mel

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Super Congratulations Georgia! I knew you weren't too far away the way you were hooning around in September. Massively proud of the two of you, you have worked really hard to achieve this. Well done and enjoy your Level 3 together.
  4. mel

    Hé did IT!!!

    Yay!!!! Well done
  5. mel

    Still there after after all these years........

    Just goes to show that they will offer it when we ask for it Well done Jill! Way to go King!
  6. Congratulations Judy and Zoe! Enjoy your journey into Level 2
  7. Hi Everyone, Once again I will be at QSSC for this years Horse Training Courses - Impulsion and Collection. They are both 5 day courses you have the option of doing 1 or both depending on what your horse needs. Give your horse a head start in their training with a little education with me. This is great for green horses or especially if you are getting stuck in your own progress, I can help smooth over the bumps and get your horse safer and easier to handle and ride for you. PLUS! During this time, I will be studying the impulsion and collection subjects with Shane so your horse will be getting invaluable help from both Shane Ransley and myself. This is something you don't want your horse to miss out on. If you would like to know more, please message me and we can chat about what you and your horse specifically need help with. Click here to find out more
  8. mel

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Wow! Congratulations Liv and Matilda! Awesome work.
  9. Congratulations Hannah!
  10. mel

    going out for a ride TahDah

    Well done for taking that next step Judy! There will be no looking back for you now
  11. Positive reflexes Longer Lines Greater Communication Develop Feel and timing for riding Prepare for working at Liberty Create a desire in your horse to see and choose YOU as his leader - the outcome feels magical! Learn how to turn your horsemanship skills into true connection through working with your horse at greater distances and prepare him for working with you at liberty. Study the Connection module with Mel and learn about positive reflexes and how this will encourage your horse to move and use his body properly. Renew your horses interest and strengthen your communication by working on longer ropes. Give your horse more options and discover how to use release to motivate your horse to follow your suggestions. Through all of this you will continue to develop your feel and timing, preparing your for better communication when riding in your bridle later on. Pre requisites: Ideally to have completed Level 1 but at least to have Module 1 completed. QS Student Price $420 (Due 3/8/18) Full Price $500 *You can confirm your position in this event with a deposit of $200. All monies are non refundable. Auditors welcome – $40/day for members, $50/day non member Contact Elise on 0401 798 584 to book your spot. Connection Clinic Murbah Sept 18.pdf
  12. mel

    Older horses and QS

    Isn't it funny how things just seem to 'work out' Lovely story Tracy! Look forward to seeing Apollo sometime soon.
  13. mel

    A New Way to Fail

    Hey Helen, I second what Alexia said The question of pain is always a reason for behaviour and if I may share some things I have found with all the training I have done with horses? Mostly if there is pain, then you would notice a reaction of some type or reluctance to do something consistently after a certain action - such as going over the jumps, canter transition, yielding their hindquarters. Something that causes them to use their body in a certain way that causes the pain, not necessarily from just asking them to walk forward unless something is really bad but I think you would see that when he is moving around in the paddock. It sounds like you are taking good care of him physically and after 5 days off, he might have liked his holiday Plus you gave him LOTS of comfort for rolling and he did it again and you let him go. Pretty sure he will try that again so as Alexia said, step up ask him to go and no comfort for trying to roll. You are in charge. Once you work through who is in charge then look for things that he may be struggling to do, to let you know if there is a physical problem. It can sometimes be a tough call deciding if something is your leadership or a physical problem for the horse. So make sure you are asking nicely and confidently, and have a good look for the things I mentioned above. And yes, filming some assignments so your coach can check out what is going on can help you in making that decision too.
  14. Please join me in congratulating Tracy Marshall from Surrey in the UK and her beautiful boy, Buster for completing their Level 1 Assignments!! Tracy has done an awesome job with Buster and has kept her focus to achieve their Level 1 and set herself up with awesome skills to start her journey with a new horse. Well done Tracy!!