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  1. Event Title: June 2020 GO Seminar Event Author: mel Calendar: QS GO Seminar Calendar Event Date: 06/01/2020 07:30 PM to 06/01/2020 07:40 PM Mel Peacock is hosting this months Group Organiser Seminar! Topic: Restarting live Play Days Time: Jun 1, 2020 07:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney If you are in another timezone, click on the link below to find your relevant seminar time Click Here Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/72342565849?pwd=MVB2azF6STArRElsMUdxc3ptNWFhZz09 Meeting ID: 723 4256 5849 Password: 6CRSHH We are now seeing restrictions starting to lift which means that we will be able to start doing live play days! Please jot down your thoughts on the following and bring along to the seminar to share: Interpreting the restrictions currently in place to run your playdays safely How to include those that still want to self isolate How to refocus your group members with their horsemanship June 2020 GO Seminar
  2. Congratulations Deb Baumgartner and her horse Bill from Geelong Victoria for completing their Liberty module!
  3. mel

    The Day My Brain Left Me

    You two have come a long way since this day Tracy, your doing a fantastic job!
  4. Hey Jen, I'd definatlely be in on that! Thinking how I could help with giving a place to stay but not quite got the fences for that just yet. How long until the trapped horses will need a space do you think?
  5. Hi Meredith, Umm...either is fine, what ever you want me to fit into. I don't have a saddle for Diago or Bandito so will be bareback if there is going to be any riding? I figure that this is what you will be doing anyway. Just trying to picture how this is going to work and make sure I have both horses handy...do you want us to have our horses with us when we do the chat part? Any break times I may have to put my phone on the charge throughout the day.
  6. Thank you Kerri, this will be so helpful for all the other GO's if they want to follow your lead. And some really good points you have highlighted here about patterns too. OK, ideas for more play days.. Circles Flight Tests Jumping Impulsion Programmes and then there is that toilet roll challenge you could do as a passenger lesson. ....there are lots of aspects you can pick out of the programme to focus on. I like homework card days as it will be great encouragement to get everyone out there doing homework and I think you could do Assignment filming together virtually as well. Also, what about just discussions such as listen to a fireside chat and talk about that?
  7. HI Meredith, I clicked the going link on the event last week but I missed this conversation. Can you ad me please - probably with Bandito...or Diago as well?
  8. A big congratulations to Deb Baumgartner from Geelong Vic and her young horse Carmeline for completing the Leadership Module!
  9. Hey that's great Kerrie! Well done you! And how much did you learn with the research you did? So nice to hear that it went so well and yes, the catch ups are so important for everyone. I did see Fiona's post on facebook, I think that is a great idea. I am going to host a virtual play day for my victorian groups in a couple of weeks time, I might just borrow your patterns idea And for May I might do a homework card ticking day.
  10. Hi Everyone, Here is the recording for out chat tonight. We will keep this thread running so we can collaborate ideas for our virtual play days. For all of you listening in, we want to hear your ideas too, keep 'em coming! April GO Chat 2020.mp4
  11. A very big Congratulations to Tania Kabel Pluck from the Gold Coast in QLD and her horse Connor for completing their Connection Module! AND a blue tick for the first of the Liberty module all in the one day. Well done Tania!
  12. Welcome Fonzie! How lucky are you to have fallen into Adele's hands! Look forward to seeing how he progresses with you Adele. PS...You are taking Holly back home aren't you??
  13. Hi Everone, I have had to reschedule this month's GO Chat to the 14th April. Keeping in touch with our group members is going to be super important over the next few months. The Worlds Biggest Play Day was a huge success and if we can keep that going, it will be great for keeping that group support going, keeping us all motivated, and our horses will benefit too! So put your thinking caps on and bring your ideas along so we can continue to make our Practise Groups a wonderful support for everyone, even through this lockdown. PS apologies for the change of date.
  14. Event Title: April 2020 GO Chat - Keeping in touch with your group Event Author: mel Calendar: QS GO Seminar Calendar Event Date: 04/14/2020 07:30 PM to 04/14/2020 07:40 PM Mel Peacock is hosting this months Student Chat! Topic: Keeping in touch with your group Time: Apr 14, 2020 07:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/665890834 Meeting ID: 665 890 834 April 2020 GO Chat - Keeping in touch with your group
  15. mel

    Tah bloody dah

    Well done Meredith! Dolly and yourself have made HUGE progress with your liberty over the last few weeks and i am so pleased to hear that your ride today went so well. Enjoy your new found connection i cant wait to see what you get up to next!
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