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  1. Older horses and QS

    Isn't it funny how things just seem to 'work out' Lovely story Tracy! Look forward to seeing Apollo sometime soon.
  2. A New Way to Fail

    Hey Helen, I second what Alexia said The question of pain is always a reason for behaviour and if I may share some things I have found with all the training I have done with horses? Mostly if there is pain, then you would notice a reaction of some type or reluctance to do something consistently after a certain action - such as going over the jumps, canter transition, yielding their hindquarters. Something that causes them to use their body in a certain way that causes the pain, not necessarily from just asking them to walk forward unless something is really bad but I think you would see that when he is moving around in the paddock. It sounds like you are taking good care of him physically and after 5 days off, he might have liked his holiday Plus you gave him LOTS of comfort for rolling and he did it again and you let him go. Pretty sure he will try that again so as Alexia said, step up ask him to go and no comfort for trying to roll. You are in charge. Once you work through who is in charge then look for things that he may be struggling to do, to let you know if there is a physical problem. It can sometimes be a tough call deciding if something is your leadership or a physical problem for the horse. So make sure you are asking nicely and confidently, and have a good look for the things I mentioned above. And yes, filming some assignments so your coach can check out what is going on can help you in making that decision too.
  3. Please join me in congratulating Tracy Marshall from Surrey in the UK and her beautiful boy, Buster for completing their Level 1 Assignments!! Tracy has done an awesome job with Buster and has kept her focus to achieve their Level 1 and set herself up with awesome skills to start her journey with a new horse. Well done Tracy!!
  4. Please join me in congratulating Donna Watt from Ballarat, Victoria and her wonderful horse Betty for completing their Level 1 Assignments. I am very proud of you Donna, you have worked very hard to achieve this with Betty who is only 3 YO. Well done, you deserve every Blue Tick and enjoy your journey into Level 2 with her!
  5. A big belated Congratulations to you Bodil! Well done
  6. This year the Victorian Practise Groups all got together for our 2018 Worlds Biggest Play Day. Members from Wimmera, Mallee Riders, Ballarat and Lara and Little River Practise Groups all met up at Horsham to celebrate this years theme - 'Quantum Games' We all had an absolute blast! Starting the day off with a parade of all of our costumes, then onto having a play with some QSports patterns and Dressage tests. After lunch we had a bit of fun with some relay races - for some reason everyone was more than happy to do them online but reluctant to try the bending race ridden with 1 rein. BUT everyone gave it a go and had a lot of fun with it. We topped the day off with a splash in the river - of course the Brumbies lapped it up Of course none of these events would be an event without the FOOD! There were splashes of chocolate and some Hot Cross Buns - an awesome spread for lunch and WAY too much for our BBQ Tea at the end of the day. It was so lovely to see everyone from all the different areas getting together and having so much fun. A HUGE thank you goes to our wonderful host, Adele Marshall who organised the food, venue and the fabulous edible medals.
  7. You are awesome Jen! Arora (and all of your other Brumbies) are so lucky to have fallen into your hands. Well done on showing us all how well the programme works to build a solid, dependable horse.
  8. Just a thank you...

    Awesome news Simone! Great to hear that Bindy is happy with your choice. Yes we do need to listen to our horses more don't we
  9. New payment option for members.

    Great news! Thanks Shane.
  10. The World's Biggest Play Day

    Victoria Combined Worlds Biggest Play Day! The Lara & Little River Legends, Central Goldfields, Wimmera and Mallee Riders Practise Groups are all coming together to celebrate this special day. We have planned some varied and fun events including QSports Dressage Showjumping Novelties Plus a prize for best dressed
  11. Brace when asking for canter

    Hi Luna, Sorry to hear your boy has been a bit out. I agree with Jill, you may need to get him to use it to show him that it doesn't hurt anymore. Or he just might need a bit more building up of his muscles to get him fit if he has had some time off. If you are having trouble with this, that is where our wonderful QS Horse Trainers can help you out. I would try the following: 1. make sure you are 'riding up' or posting up into your canter to help him. 2. film the transitions assignment so your coach might be able to help pinpoint anything you need to change. 3. If still having trouble, another visit from your chiro might be helpful - sometimes it takes a couple of treatments. 4. Talk to Fiona about having some training done to help him through that canter.
  12. 2017 Reflection

    Wonderful observations Sue I have been so proud of you every time I see you, your confidence has jumped forward amazingly. Cant wait to see what 2018 brings for you.
  13. Building Rapport Camp

    Awesome work Meredith! Meredith (Ransley!) is such an inspiring help for us all in considering how our horses feel about everything we ask of them and how to consider their needs in our goals. Thank you Meredith Ransley for coming down to Vic to share this special subject with us all. I too had a fantastic time with Diago. I think circling him with the ball on his back was a HUGE ta dah for us - this would have been something that would have completely freaked him out once upon a time ago.