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  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations Sandra and Ben!!! Well done.
  2. Harmony in no motion??

    Good on you Sam - sounds like you are on the right track. Keep us posted.
  3. Harmony in no motion??

    Good question Sam, if he has gotten into a pattern of turning away whenever you are about to ask for something, then you may have to be very patient to get his attention back again. I do think though, that if this is happening as you are about to ask him to do something, then stopping and waiting might be giving him release for doing nothing. Maybe have a look at what it is in your ask that is offending him - are you bringing your energy up too much or try slowing yourself down a little and make sure you are offering each phase one at a time rather than too close together. I would also go back to checking out your approach again and making sure you have his permission and get that sniff there.
  4. Incorrect Canter Lead

    Well done Luna!
  5. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Awesome work Fiona! I really enjoyed working with you during the Cert 1 & 2 courses, was a lot of fun! Congratulations on your achievements!
  6. Instant Stop

    Awesome Luna!
  7. Wow! Sounds like it has been an amazing experience for you all - lots of changes and learning. Well done everyone!
  8. Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    A huge welcome from me too Julie! It was awesome to meet you last weekend and I look forward to seeing your progress with Whiskey
  9. Hi Everyone, Just thought I would update, I have 1 spot available for Training in the cert 2 course on 12th - 16th September - this is perfect for anyone working on level 2 or above. Colt Starting - I have 3 positions available for the Colt Start Course in November. Please Contact me asap if you have any questions or to book your horse in for some of my magic!
  10. Congratulations Wendy and Amica! Good luck and have fun with your Level 2 endeavours
  11. Such awesome news Jill. I am so very excited for you. WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have come a long way from that first passenger lesson and Leroy has become a magnificent horse for you. It's been a joy to watch your journey. All the best for your future goals.
  12. Hi Sarah, Give him something to do and think about will help you get back in tune with him and go over stuff he is familiar with will help him build his confidence again.
  13. Clare and Codee did it!! L1

    Awesome! Congratulations Clare and Codee!
  14. GO Seminar on now, go to anymeeting.com/423-458-254 to join us!

    1. Kerri


      Hi sorry I tried to join in and get some sound happening for this meeting, and my browser do not support this link. :(