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  1. Oops, wasn't signed in! Well done anyway!
  2. Hmmm... no bees I don't think Jude! They are both back to normal now, you wouldn't know they had all the welts two days ago... very strange but does sound like what Lisa expalined a little... Thanks for your info Lisa, will look up the info on Dr Nylands.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has experienced strange reactions after worming? I wormed both my two mares yesterday with AMMO... this afternoon when I got home and walked into the paddock, they were both at the trough drinking (odd for the both of them to be doing this at the same time without Dakota chasing Flick off for being too close), they both seemed to be consistently yawning and they both had large welt type things on their necks and sides of their rib area... All I can put it down to was the wormer yesterday...??? Very strange!
  4. Hi Everyone... This post is coming a little late... 5 weeks ago (a couple days after xmas), I had to put Connor down... if you all remember, I'd jst found happiness again after not having had horses in my life for a couple of years and found Connor... he'd been off the track for about 6 months and was just the loveliest boy. Unfortunately, he had major hoof problems, infection set in (obviously it had already started at the stage when I'd bought him - I just thought he was sore footed and adjusting to becoming a barefoot horse). Anyway, the infection became worse and had spread to bones and all... very sad to watch and totally heartbreaking ... for many more reasons than I'll cover here. So sadly, I stayed with him while the vet did his thing and for days I just sat at his grave and cried and cried... he had given me so much back in such a short period of time and it just wasn't fair. I did alot of thinking/soul searching in that time and had a big dream of bringing horses an humans together to let them experience what I have over the years... how much horses have given to me over the years and how much they speak to your soul and help you in your darkest moments... how could I help others to experience that feeling, that beauty??? I had sooo many great ideas yet wondered how on earth I could ever start something like that... I wanted to save broken racehorses and save humans' souls... envisioned my website even with the words 'Hurt By Humans' spread accross the home page... (meaning both horses AND humans who have been hurt by humans!)... not long after that, I stumbled accross the EAGALA association and it seemed all the ideas and questions I'd had in my mind were right there in front of me... so that's my next venture... it will take many years as I need a hell of alot of hours experience (apart from what we all do)... but somehow, I'll get there eventually. Anyway, apart from all that, all my family & friends who knew how heartbroken I was said Connor would watch over me and send me another horse... well, he certainly did that! I've had a new little mare for about 3-4 weeks now and she is a doll! She comes from a natural home... a beautiful young man who was bought up in Africa with lion cubs and baby impalas in his loungeroom, etc, etc... he has the most amazing way with animals and thanks to him, I have the loveliest little girl in the world now! Her name is Flicka (Flick for short)... so she is who will be taking me through the levels. However!!! I have also just bought Dakota (my daughter Jaimee's mare) off her a few days ago. if some of you can remember, I've always totally clashed with Dakota so things will be interesting! She's a very smart horse and very dominant... no manners and I am finally kinda very happy I can take over and change that! I've never really wanted to step on Jaimee's toes while she was hers but now, it will be different I hope! So it will be good to have two totally opposite horses to work with and help my skills... I think that I'd get it too easy with Flick as she is such a clever, giving little mare... yet Dakota will be the one that teaches me alot more I think as she will be hard work at the best of times... but who knows I guess. Anyway, that's my update, so lots going on in my horse head that's always spinning! They just give us so much to appreciate in life! A big thanks to Connor for helping me find my way again!
  5. Fourth horse!?!? Way to go!!!!!! Well done Abby & Ellie!
  6. Hey Jude Booking in Cassie for the children's clinic if it goes ahead... Possibly book myself in for L1/2 dependent upon whether I do both July clinics if they happen... only due to funds! Cheers, Kel
  7. Yahoowweeeoooooowwwweeeeooowwwweeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On ya Jude!!! Well done Quinn!!!
  8. hahaha... yes very true! Glad you had a great time regardless!
  9. Well done, well done, well done!!!
  10. Ohhh... brrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Looked a bit cold there one day!
  11. Awesome news Abby!!! Big pats on the back and a carrot for Diva!
  12. Hi Zoe I would like to read your journey from earlier posts, however I'm having trouble finding them... can anyone post a link to get me started??? Thanks, Kel (& Connor)
  13. Ahhh..... VERY VERY belated congratulations...lol! Just stumbled accross this when looking for someone else's posts! hahaha!!!!!!!!! Sorry I wasn't here at the time to congratulate you! You're probably at Level 5 by now...
  14. Hi Cindy I think I can remember when I was on here alot a couple of years back about you and your thoroughbreds and racing...?? Maybe you were working with Eddie at that stage??? I've just bought a new boy who has been off the track for around 5 months and am so happy to know he is with QS now... As much as I am proud to get him away from that life, (although I know not ALL of the industry is bad) I am also really really happy to see you out there with yours and using QS principles... if only the racing industry did it your way, it would be wonderful to see! I'll be catching up on your posts and your journey with keen interest! Great work Cindy!!! How lucky your horses are! I wish you the very best of luck!
  15. busykel

    My Dad

    Hugs and thoughts to you and your family Meredith... xoxo
  16. Well, we are a week into our 'relationship'and I just adore him already... He has been very tender in his front feet... he was trimmed a couple of dayes prior to me picking him up and I believe it was all wrong... need to get this boy used to barefoot and I know we'll be great in a year or two... So... I haven't done much with anything having to move his front feet too much (just a little) but in all other basic areas he seems to be a quick learner. I've been thinking we havent done much but in actual fact weve done a fair bit in a week... no yields, contact yields (mainly h'qtr)... ears, nose, mouth, tail, can pick all feet up from both sides, back by the chest and nose, getting better with personal space, head up and down, rhythmic motion with stick, string and rope, and this arvo we pushed a little further and did a couple of circles and h'qtr yields. All is a bit heavy and a little stiff so far but he's a pretty quick learner... lots of licking, sighing, blinking. My heart goes out to him though... being an ex-racehorse (off the track for 5-6 months), he has a few nervous tendencies I've noticed... like this arvo when we were doing some homework all relaxed... the two young girls accross the road cantered past our paddock up the road... the poor boy's head went straight up and his neck and back were a bundle of twitching nerves... I did a couple of h'qtr yields and asked him to lower his head... but man, I just felt like nothing but love and understanding for him and his past. He is such a lovely boy and I am so glad I have this program to help him (and me) through it all... Can't wait to get his feet nice and comfy so we can get into it, but with just one week up our sleev, I'm already over the moon with his progress so far... and it's only been a couple of half hour sessions... he's won me over!!! Think I need to go upgrade my membership from Bronze... and yes, have already made one of my old videos to share... God, why do we fall in love with our horses so much...
  17. lol... nope, got my Level 1 DVD's and books back in the post the exact morning before I found out about him... what's that tell you! I'd lent them to a friend, was worried about getting them back due to the Virginia PO closing... got them yesterday morning, along with a notice the PO was closing that day(!!) and found out about him about an hour later... Before I 'found out about him'... all in a space of about 30 seconds I chopped and changed my mind about going to this place to ask questions... yes, no, yes, no... last minute, put my brakes on and changed lanes, took last possible corner and arrived at the front desk... to his old owner... Yes, Connor is now in the best of environments... it's just fate... Lots of challenges ahead but he's got my heart from the start...
  18. Well Ruth, I need a float buddy for a while! Who wants some cash? (Think we need a few basics before we venture out! Although Im sure if Playday was this Tuesday coming, we'd have no problems!) He's home! He's lovely, he's gorgeous and he's soooooo NON QS!!! Back to Lesson 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will post pics soon!
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