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    my horse
  1. I'd loved to have seen you with the horses lol
  2. Could be lots of things, id he cinchy at all? Is he willing to go forward ? but just a thought not to be dismissed , I had this with my horse, pulling angry faces and threatening to bite and it turn out to be mild gastro ulcers.
  3. Wow Mel,most folk dont even have the imaginamtion to do those kind of things let along do them! Its mind blowing what you guys can do !
  4. annie


    thanks Rebecca, couldnt find any info on it,
  5. Can someone tell me the difference between an Endorsed Instructor and an Entry Level Instructor and what they can teach?
  6. The dinner table will be very quiet now ! I remember all the chat , the laughter , tryong to figure out what we had learned not forgetting the tears too at every meal time. But everyone went home full of confidence and feeling so good. Would love to do a camp again year, with dexter.
  7. annie

    Todays lesson

    After taking Stella as far as she was capable of ( all of L2 except the gallop asssignment, not for lack of trying )I had a long break from QS and last year got Dexter , a 3yr old ID, I am his 5th owner already. I aquired him in the April and had him started by a NH colt starter/ horse developer in england. Not doing much with im over the winter apart from hacking him every sunday when the weather permitted he has been very good. After deciding to start Dexter in the QS programme now that he has had his time off he is teaching me lots of valuable lessons. So in no paticular order today he taught me that if I was not in the right position to ask him to move his shoulders over he would rush back and either rear or strike out at me, so I became a fast learner today too. Next, take time to make it clear what I want and release as soon as he even thinks about it! if I dont he takes it as me nagging him. When I get my timing right he is so willing and light and he also learns fast. Yesterday he would not yield for a fore 1/4 turn today he was quit happy to oblige , WAIT FOR HIM ! In the "teaching "phase, slow down and accept every little try. Then when he undersatnds he doesnt pull all those crabby faces and get mad with me. Listen to what he has to say, listen to his opinion. If he says NO change the way I asked till he understands.
  8. What an fantastic experience,well done Jill & Opal !
  9. annie


    That was a few years ago now Shell , forgot how addictive this site is too!
  10. annie


    Monica your always so enthusiastic see how things go re coming down in aug, thanks for the invite Vicki, what part of glasgow are you visiting? I'm not for from the city centre. Nice ot be back rebecca,
  11. annie


    I'd just like to say "hi" , I was on the programme a couple of years and now have a 2nd horse who is in need of some education now . I am looking forward to getting him started in the levels and having the support to get through those sticky moments . His name is Dexter and he just turned 4 at the weekend, should be exciting !!!
  12. annie


    Yeh Yeh ! I hear you, sit back ! I get it now. LOL!
  13. For those of you who are always saying "I wish I knew this when I was younger" Or " I wish I'd done that sooner" Have a look at this young lady, she's 101 yrs young and still riding, still saddles her own horse teaches some. She's a real cowgirl So if I live to her age I still have 57 year to learn this stuff, plenty time!
  14. annie

    We Cantered

    Knew you'd get it, well done !
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