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  1. Lots of food for thought here. Thanks everyone for your input. I have got Bounce on my iPad now, took a while, but now I can start it.
  2. And the book Bounce I have ordered the Kindle version. Pretty cheap, more bedtime stuff to to listen to http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bounce-Myth-Talent-Power-Practice-ebook/dp/B003P2WJ18/ref=tmm_kin_title_0
  3. Thanks for the links Meredith. Amanda Gore , she has 80 videos on YouTube ! I found this. The importance of being connected . They all look pretty inspiring. Bed time viewing on my iPad.
  4. Just had a look at the Level one modules. They are a great idea, lots of new words of wisdom from Meredith and everything in one place Another bonus having the gold membership and a good reminder for me now I have started the levels again with a new horse.
  5. Lovely picture Shane, Caitlin is so tiny Interestingly I have learned ages ago in Alexander Technique classes that up to a few years old we move very naturally and life then takes over and we lose it over time. Lots of life factors involved there.
  6. Ha ha Well done Caitlin Ok I will have to settle with intent, consistency and congruent phases On the spooky side maybe he read her mind ..... or yours Maybe it's passed down in the genes (and she will have a double dose) I will have to wait for science to catch up for their answers Thanks Shane
  7. I agree us 'normal' people can work on it and improve it. But what about these 'master horsemen' ? If they learned it who from and how? I can't help thinking those people are born with it or there would be more of them around, in time. Its like unconscious competence, they have it but don't really know why and give us their version of how they do it.
  8. Thanks everyone I also have seen that type of evidence that it exists re the lions and zebra. I have no doubt it exists but as you know me Monica, it's the 'how' I am after. I have trouble 'just believing it' without knowing the 'how'. Maybe no one even in scientific circles can explain it, I wouldn't be surprised. Though I think there must be some science behind it, we just don't know it yet. I think even us humans can experience it with certain people's powerful presence. It still amazes me how certain people can just 'be' with a horse and things change. Maybe I will just have to accept it, maybe some people are just born with something, maybe it's not learnable to their level ?
  9. I was kind of walking like a ballet dancer ...... must have looked crazy
  10. Hi Everyone This is a question about body language, energy, life whatever you like to call it. I try to 'bring mine up' but I don't think I am very successful. I do what I think is right but am wondering if anyone can give a more scientific explanation. My question comes to mind after watching Shane in a trailer loading video of a stressy, worried horse responding on the circles to his 'body language'. I have to say I watch it and see nothing much especially in the downward transition to walk. But the horse obviously sees it and has done very little with Shane up to then. I have seen a couple of master horsemen including Shane have this effect on Victor. Also the German straightness trainer Klaus Schoneich had an amazing effect on Victor adding amazing energy to him and I just saw a sweet old gentleman. Now unless you believe in telepathy (which I don't) then how can this be explained. I know horses see what we can't in people's and other horses energy, I would very much like someone to describe what is happening in the body of the person changing the energy to have such a huge effect in scientific terms. Shane and Meredith especially What is happening in your muscles? eyes? nerves? What are you thinking when raising/lowering your life without losing protection of your personal space? Tonight when my 3 were on the yard milling around I practiced walking and projecting in different ways. I am glad I am on my own here The only big response was from the little 'unbreakable' companion welsh pony. Victor and Saker just looked at me like I was a bit mad but did pay a bit more attention. It would have looked dramatic to a person and good horsemen don't look dramatic! So what is happening? And no fluffy stuff please
  11. Congratulations on getting your very own boy . I can understand how it is a dream come true He certainly is a beauty and so friendly I am sure you will find him a lovely blank sheet and have no problems zipping through the levels
  12. Congratulations Well done girls More people to spread the word and help others
  13. Lovely ride BB with kite string today. Lots of homework then a little jump and weave through poles in trot and canter.And guess what? nobody said a word ! Anyway so much fun and a great way of concentrating on my body (:

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      Well done Antonia you are doing brilliant

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      Nice Work :) I would have noticed!

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