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  1. Congratulations Meredith! I've no doubt your book will be a huge success!! Enjoy your day on Sunday; I'll be thinking of you all!!!
  2. Really enjoying the long reining homework.. Get to look @ Buzz's butt.. Good incentive to get back in section 5!!

    1. Meredith


      good on you Cindy. great fun isn't it.

    2. boongala


      Sure is Meredith.. Can't wait until I'm good @ it! Our forward is lacking, but there's been improvement each time..


    3. lizarch


      lol. Buzz will start getting a complex about his butt soon!

  3. Thank you all ladies for your lovely comments! I'm just hoping I can do her justice! Been ticking off our impulsion checklists each day.. Can really see that she needs lots of riding forward, dear little girl.. Off to the track again in the morning! PS.. Don't think we'll be able to use Elegance With Attitude.. Needs to be less than 18 letters including spaces.. How does Elegant Attitude sound? Or any other ideas??
  4. You're going to learn so much working through this with Eli! I wish I would have been confident to take on an Eli kind to teach me more.. Buzz has been far too kind to me! Good luck - Have Fun & remember; always finish on phase one!!
  5. Just wanted to share that I rode Maggie around the racetrack this morning (with Stacey on Eddie), just trotted a lap, but she did it in soft feel and had so much forward & elevation.. I have never ridden a horse and felt that much movement & elevation before (going forward softly that is) .. Now I know how a horse should really move; look out Buzz!! ha ha.. When we arrived @ the Wentworth Track we worked through some of the Impulsion Checklist just to check out whether she was listening to me / or not and she was fantastic, we still have plenty of room for improvement, but she did a great job seeings it was new surroundings.. Stacey jumped on Eddie & joined in with the checklist, something Eddie hasn't done for awhile.. It's amazing how one minute he can be galloping & the next doing controlled forequarter turns around a marker.. Awesome job Stacey! I truly believe that Maggie has had the best possible start and I'm just thrilled with her progress.. No need for any fixing as nothing has been broken! My plan was to send Maggie off to a pre-trainer to get the whole racing experience (as we did with Eddie), but I believe we can prepare her ourselves, well we're going to give it a go anyway.. Really looking forward to working through the Impulsion and Fitness & Strength Checklists with her to ensure she's travelling using her whole body & range of movement to the best of her ability..
  6. Congratulations Jill & Leroy!! So pleased for you Jill; an awesome effort!! xo
  7. Heading out to take Eddie through the Impulsion (Ground) Checklist before his big race today!!

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    2. boongala


      He did a great job Shane.. Super Eddie!


    3. Debbie


      Way to go Cindy and Eddie!

    4. boongala


      Thanks Debbie!


  8. Have a wonderful time with Diesel Meredith.. Great idea changing it to a 5 day camp.. 2 days definitely wouldn't have been enough for me..
  9. Thanks Cass.. Will let you know how we go!! Weather was a bit kinder here today; not as hot & overcast.. Glad to hear you got home safely to your family!!
  10. Hi Del, Hope you had a good trip home! I think you summed the 5 days up perfectly.. You forgot to mention how well your vertical flexion is coming along!! You did a fabulous job Del, & Deek is just lovely!! Annie Oakley eat your heart out!! Carmen & Deni never cease to amaze me. After having all that time off & to pick up right about where she left it; pretty special & inspirational.. I'm thinking that blue string will be in your possession in the not so distant future!! Amanda, you did a wonderful job in your gallop pattern, so close to getting the tick there & I love watching Demaris's trot; he's such a cool dude. Don't forget to start that message.. Are we still doing that? Or have you banned me as I can't make it to Mel's clinic in a couple of weeks? Excellent job on Demaris's vertical flexion.. He's a superstar!! It was lovely to meet you Cass & your lovely man Eli! Your gallop was awesome; now that's how a horse should stretch out! WoWed the audience @ the Impulsion to Collection demo with your need for speed!! Was very surprised to find out you were still working through your Level 1.. I'm thinking you & Eli will have a red & blue string in no time!! Mel - You've done a fabulous job with Diago.. There were some big changes for him over the 5 days & your demo was beautiful & soft, not to mention Diago looked stunning! You showed how quickly you can get improvement with good timing in release!! For me the highlight was spending the 5 days with Maggie and by the end I felt I was doing her justice. Thank you to Shane for waving his magic wand over her the week previous & for your patience & guidance!! Considering she's a green horse, I felt very safe on her.. She truly is special to me & am excited about the future with her! I have to say I learnt a huge amount @ this camp and my horses are going to be so grateful for that! And to Buzzy boy for putting in a huge effort in practicing the gallop pattern with me.. BTW.. He's stopped puffing!!! And thankyou to all the participants for putting in as much effort as you all did.. It was a wonderful learning environment!! A few things that come to mind are, always finish on phase one, be careful what you reward, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders, soften those shoulders!!! I hope the Ransley's & Cass have a safe trip home today.. Shane & Meredith, it was lovely to spend time with yourselves & your beautiful family.. Your children are adorable! Thank you to the auditors for their encouragement & support! And thank you to our strapper Stacey for keeping us (me) hydrated & running errands! Thank you to Mel for organising the camp!! xo And thank you to my wonderful husband & Shane Gibson for cooking the barbeque! PS to Del... LOL.. I'm thinking it'll be a time for "MAKE" to come into it Del... Not sure how I'm going to keep a straight face tomorrow when I'm talking to the jockey!! Must remember not to spit and try my best not to say um!! I'll be sure to let you know how I go!! PSS.. Does anyone have any photos to share?? Looking forward to watching your video Del.. PSSS.. Elegance with Attitude is available!!
  11. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks.. Hoping the big bus has arrived in Sunraysia this evening!! Let the fun begin!!!

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    2. mel


      There is the demonstration on Sat 3rd Nov Liz - you can't miss that one! We are having a BBQ afterwards at the Mildura Horse Complex


    3. del


      I'm coming up to join in the fun and really looking forward to it.

    4. Debbie


      Cool! Any other outings planned as yet?


  12. Sorry I missed the day. :-( Was a wonderul idea!
  13. Had a wonderful horsey day yesterday.. Took Eddie & Maggie to the track, watched Mel @ the Miildura Horse Trials & Olympic Dressage last night! Wish everyday was a horsey day!!

    1. vickimarr


      Sounds like a great day . . . had a play with Max with Sue and Bailey today. I have so missed my horsey time. Looks like I'm in for a few late nights watching the Olympics too. Go Aussies!!!

    2. Debbie


      Sounds like fun Cindy. Caught up with Carmen today who told me about it, I worked yesterday but could of came Friday if only I knew, bummer!!

  14. Congratulations Meredith & Diesel! Looking forward to viewing your videos and I don't think we'll get sickof hearing about your journey.. Lovely to hear you're getting time to enjoy your new pony!
  15. A huge "THANKYOU" to Mel for re-starting my Maggie last week. You've done a fantastic job Mel! Thankyou, Thankyou.. xo

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    2. Debbie


      Aren't they awesome Cindy!

    3. mel


      You are welcome Cindy, Maggie is just lovely - I could take her home any day!

    4. boongala


      Surely are Debbie!.. And Mel, I did offer for you to take her home! But you chose holidaying over Maggie! :-p


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