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  1. In america having a ball !!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nicole


      you go girl!!

    3. belindaq


      So jealous! Fabulous stuff!

    4. karen_ob


      glad to see you still checking on the QS site!

  2. 2 more sleeps then off to America.

    1. karen_ob


      Have an awesome break Kylie - come back refreshed :)

  3. Hip Hip Hooray!

    Well done Monica, you are an inspiration.
  4. Had a nice ride on Bob today out in the paddock.

  5. Hello everyone, This QW is fast approching and everyone involved is very excited. We will be holding a video night before the clinic, so come and meet Mel Peacock our wonderful instructor. WHEN: Wednesday 9th February 2011 WHERE: Cloverfurn Equestrian Centre, 260 Gyro Close, Riddles Creek. TIME: 7.00pm Everyone is welcome so bring a friend, and have a great time chatting and watching inspirational DVDs.
  6. Hi everyone, There are not many places left for Level 1 Secondary. So if you want to do this get your deposit in as it is first in that gets the place. kylie
  7. I just got the best christmas present ever. My boss is paying for me to go to America with her next year for a dog conference, and Daz is paying for the rest. Well i cant beat that, and i think i will have to forgive him for the frying pan and tool box presents in the passed. I'm so excited!!!

    1. Nicole
    2. lizarch


      Wow!!!!! How exciting!!!! And what a great boss!

    3. gaylet71


      How exciting what a wonderfull Christmas present. Can you pack me in your suitcase .

  8. Hi Everyone, Our next Quantum Weekend is fast approaching!!! Contact me now to secure your position! To be held at Riddles Creek, Feburary 10th - 13th 2011 Level one secondary : Lessons three and four, time: 8.30am -12pm Level two primary : Lessons five and six , time : 5pm - 8.30pm So come and join us for a fantastic experience, with our wonderful instructor Mel Peacock. For any more details either pm me or call on 0438 570 794.
  9. Rain, rain go away.

    1. brumbygirls


      Definitely over the rain... We've had enough now!

    2. as_smith92


      Yep had too much, have ordered gum boots and floaties for the horses... :)

    3. lizarch


      Even got gumboots up here! Totally unheard of!!!

  10. Haven't been able to play with Bob cause of the rain and comments, today i finally get a chance and i feel to sick. Try again tomorrow.

    1. belindaq
    2. as_smith92


      Hope your feeling better :( We need to organise another play together. Though now I want to play with Ruby not Logan..:)

    3. gaylet71


      Thnaks Kylie I am trying hard now I can do more with Pippa . I Wont pass but I really struggle on No contact FQ yeilding

  11. Central Vic Quantum Weekend

    Hi Mel, It was a great weekend, i learnt so much just from watching. All the particapants did a great job and of corse Mel the wonder instuctor, was fantastic, Hope to see you all again in Feburary.
  12. yay, passed my mounting assignment,

  13. We Did It! We Did It! We Did It!

    Well done Monica. You are an inspiration to everyone.
  14. Back on track today !! Much better jumping the barrels.

    1. belindaq


      Woohoo! Brilliant work from both of you:)

  15. Had a great play with bob yesterday, even cantered both side, and today couldn't even get him calm over the barrels.