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  1. 2legsue

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

    Hi Jen - who is the second horse pictured?
  2. 2legsue

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas
  3. Thanks Everyone who came and stayed to play with us in Lara at this episode of a 'You Can Do It Too!' tour and joined us for our Christmas Party to wrap up the week! Huge thanks to Jen for hosting and organising our time at Elcho Park - a great playground in our backyard, soon to be even more interesting when they finish the new water jump! Big thank you also to Meredith and Shane for travelling to spend time down south and experience our amazing weather extremes as did the entourage accompanying them! the only thing missing was snow I believe It was such an amzing way to spend days with some beautiful horses and their people during this week. Great to hear most are home safely or on their way - albeit perhaps longer and more scenic for some ( good luck Liv ) Looking forward to sharing our journeys with these 'real' people who are now more than just a name on the screen My take home message is how much less we need to do to get more from our horses
  4. 2legsue

    Trot passenger lesson TADAH!

    PL can become so much fun - and we can never do too many - or so I'm told Well done to you both - Judy and Aileen - enjoy the ride
  5. 2legsue

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    WOW Georgia & Perl such a huge achievement! Congratulations
  6. 2legsue

    Natural Worming

    Resistance to antibiotics is a huge problem not only in relation to worms but other bugs as well due to the overuse of these drugs - so I lean towards alternatives, diet and FEC to reduce my horses worm burden. The article states the trial of BioWorma has been over 20 years with rigorous testing to be safe and is best when used in a rotational grazing system...so could be another tool in combination to the approach of our horses health care and pasture managment.
  7. 2legsue

    Float Loading Focus Play

    Some of our Float Loading Focus at our recent pratice group play day https://youtu.be/P2gFZg1oxOo https://youtu.be/-z4O0T2DLi8 https://youtu.be/TW5EHptw_iI Jen & Clancy Back in Float.mp4 Jen & Clancy Back in Float.mp4
  8. 2legsue

    Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    YEY Donna and Betty !! Much Congrats to you two
  9. 2legsue

    WBPD 2018 in Victoria

    An amazing day playing with amazing people and ponies
  10. 2legsue

    QS Horses are second to none. Know it, Believe it!

    Rors is such an intuative and clever girl - a bit of a mirror image really
  11. 2legsue

    2017 Reflection

    Although a review of my horsemanship achievements 2017 seems to show only '1 more blue tick' - but oh how much has changed in my confidence and attitude to getting these ridden challenges of L2 better My 'feel' is improving and speed vs impulsion with Bailey is becoming clearer, trying to think/use my seat more and my hands less plus taking the time to hurry up and slow down my offer and looking more for the try towards comfort, rather than away from pressure - are all things I am building another layer on. Thanks Mel and my QS study buddies, I am looking forward to more learning and fun in 2018 gotta my
  12. 2legsue

    Australia, Victoria, Lara

    our updated facebook page 2017 is via Quantum Savvy Geelong https://www.facebook.com/QSGeelong/ or QS Horsemanship Lara & Little River Legends https://www.facebook.com/groups/1224764170942401/
  13. 2legsue

    L2 with Bailey - September

    it might as well rain until September.... and it feels as tho it has the weather has been less than pleasant through out August to say the least, hence no blog post as nothing was really achieved! So spring has now sprung and time to 'grow' a bit more in our horsemanship journey, pull out the excuses (like weeds), nurture the brain - lesson with Mel as opposed to layering with s*%# - and encourage new buds of experiences and learning With this in mind Bailey and I are looking at L3 A2 - contact with flank rope assignment - while the ground dries out and revisit the last few L2 ones including imagination so some filming to be done, to be done
  14. 2legsue

    Welcome to QS Julie & Whiskey

    Yey - and welcome to QS family on the web Julie & Whiskey
  15. 2legsue

    Clare and Codee did it!! L1

    Congratulations Clare & Codee Welcome to L2