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  1. Meet Toby my gorgeous new QS horse, who’s joining me on my newest QS journey. He’s the second horse I’ve worked through QS with and today we began level 1. He was fantastic, he loved it.
  2. Big Gulliver and I jumping the big log. Thank you Jane for letting me ride Gully for the Ultimate Experience. I wish I could take him home.
  3. Awwww! That's so cute.
  4. I'm back from a week in Kyneton at the No Strings Attached Camp with Shane and Meredith and even though I've been very unwell I've been able to fit in two great practise sessions with Clancy this week. Tonight we weren't having a lot of success with our contact sideways at liberty, but he did some lovely FQ & HQ yields in a full circle. I tried some work online. We worked on lateral flexion, changes of rein, back up, direct rein steps and practiced the sideways with a bit more success. Then to finish off, I went back to liberty and he did circles around me in lateral flexion i
  5. Whoo hoo, tonight was amazing! Clancy and I worked on our contact and liberty assignments and I focused on rewarding every good try. By the end of the session Clancy and I did it!!! We did full circles at liberty in both directions. This is amazing stuff for me, we were in the middle of a big paddock and he was flexed around me. I practiced standing well behind the shoulder and in this position I could ask for forward and flexion, he was watching me and waiting for me to ask him what to do next. In the past I have been standing to forward, scared he was going to walk away, which he
  6. So far so good. Just finished a big morning with Clancy, we did some ground work online, then I took him on a long trail walk with the kids riding their ponies. He's lost quite a bit of his top line, so I tried to keep lateral flexion through the body during the walk. He worked so well and I can already see him working the correct muscles. I didn't practice an assignment, as he needed a big wash after such a long walk to the Billabong. So now he's all clean and rugged up ready for a roll in the dirt. :/
  7. I've had all the excuses under the sun for not passing my level 2 this year, some are valid, but I know in my heart that if I just commit even one hour to QS a week I would feel better and most likely have passed a few more assignments. Is anyone else in the same boat? So I'm going to start up my own little play day like I used to, every Tuesday night, but just by myself to begin with. I'm setting myself a goal to achieve my level 2 by the end of 2013. So my plan is to submit two assignments every two weeks and practice for an hour on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday nights. I'm g
  8. Clancy Pants played a starring role in a music video recently for ABC's Exhumed competition.  Everyone commented on how quiet and well trained Clancy was.  I owe it all to Quantum Savvy!  :) :cowboy:
  9. Here are some videos of our amazing trip to the Adventure Parc. Staring Rebecca from the UK. Jen
  10. I want one of those juicers as well Bindi! Now you've got us all hooked. Jill, I've downloaded the Biology of Belief and will listen to it tonight and tomorrow while I'm out on the tractor. I signed the sale contract for the farm today and then went to a meeting where they asked me to do a film and consult on all their advertising strategies! Can you believe what's happening, this is amazing!!! Now that's all done I'm focusing on QS and assignments this weekend and playing ponies with the girls. We've had a bit of rain here too so the paddocks are finally starting to look beautiful
  11. Whoo hoo Rebecca! You are truly flying and its so beautiful to read your posts. I can see you now flying with your arms outstretched on Zabel. I just got home from Melbourne this evening and went straight out to the paddock to give Clancy a big thank you for being my super pony. Our ridden home work begins tomorrow, however I have been keeping busy with all this driving (5,000km), by listening to the books that Meredith set for our ongoing Ultimate journey. I loved Bounce, Awaken the giant within, Unlimited Power and and got absolutely absorbed in The celestine prophecy. Next up is t
  12. Pulled up sore from boot camp tonight so I think, riding might give my shins a rest. :D

  13. Hi Meredith, I need to transport Clancy up to Jimboomba with a horse trucking company, as Rachael has a hospital appointment we can't cancel, then I can fly up the night before the QSSC. Do you have a contact for the trucking company you've used for travelling down our way? Or any others for that matter? Jen
  14. Is anyone from Victoria or southern NSW floating up to the QS Ultimate Camp in May. I'm planning my route now and wanted to see if anyone else is going from here? Jen
  15. It's that time of night when I should be sleeping, but I find myself at the computer thinking about my Clancy Pants! I've been in Sydney this week having a wonderful time pursuing my other love, my job in media, but Clancy Pants is never far from my mind. I met a bit of a kindred spirit tonight, who genuinely took interest in my incessant horse banter. It made me realise how important horsemanship and my horses are in my life. That even a distance of over 1,050km, in the bustle of a big city, at a posh restaurant while talking to the Senior Director of the Company, I find mysel
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