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  1. Hi Meredith i have missed being here too and it was lovely to meet up with you, Shane and your lovely children---I have had a difficult and busy year but things are getting better and riding Oshe is always my greatest pleasure and release and I know it is all too easy to blame your horse for things and make excuses --You and Shane have been instrumental in showing me that it is down to me and not the fault of the horse -my goal now is to step up to be the good leader my wonderful little Arab deserves .Hopefully I can join you and study again soon.
  2. Hi Mel, Thanks for your reply-- yes shows the power of Shane's teaching that you hear his voice in your head when you need it most and instead of getting frustrated you work through the issue.I remember the first time I met Shane he said when you have a problem with your horse --look in the mirror!!
  3. Hi Matey, Thanks yes it is often difficult when you do everything alone and you realise that you have been letting your leadership slip for a while bit by bit and circumstances --such as Serenity's hysterics show you the holes in your relationship with your horse. But as I said I now have the tools and will be going back into the arena and working on level 2 ground skills again.
  4. Hi Sue , Thanks for your support Oshe is so good on the ground usually --but I recently attended a clinic in Surrey with Shane and Meredith as an auditor and Shane showed how most of the problems people had were leadership issues .Oshe also hacks out beautifully in company --but here in a new country and environment away from her herd with her somewhat hysterical daughter screaming it is a lot and I see I was just not being a good or supportive enough leader but we got through it fine and I will build on it now
  5. Hi all I have not posted for a while -but just had to post my experiences from yesterday-Since my move from France I have not ridden much but recently have had just a few wee rides on Oshe on Highclere Estate (Downton Abbey). Last week she was a bit fidgety when being saddled --this week she just did not want to stand and be saddled -- I needed a third hand one to hold her and two to tighten the girth. She just would not stand still -- not helped by her hysterical daughter charging round the field nearby screaming she wanted to come too -- this is not separation anxiety as she had two other horses still in the field with her !!i Therefore I had three choices -- 1. give up (was not going to do that) 2, Tie her up ( I could hear Shane say -- horses must have options--tying her up doesn;t give one --or work through it as it was I thought a leadership problem --so --I thought what would Shane do ??? Positive reflex ?? So I just started to circle her round me I had hold of the saddle so it would not slip or fall and chased her round by her hind quarters so she was circling fast I stopped and tried again to do up the saddle but she moved again --so off we went again --faster I had no stick so just used the rope to move her round and round suddenly she put slack in the rope I stopped dead and she came forwards and put her head on my chest . I stroked her face and she then stood like a lamb for me to tack her up =. We then had a lovely ride --on the way back we came along side a big open field we were not far from her home field and I am sure that although I could not hear her that Oshe could hear Serenity . Suddenly she climbed up a bank and was obviously thinking we should go across the field -short cut!! . I thought here we go again a leadership challenge so I just did while on her what I had done on the ground .Round and round we went as I pushed her hind quarters when I stopped I opened my arms forward and focused on the lane --it took three attempts but finally she decided to climb down the bank and go on .I felt that we had faced a few real challenges together and thanks to my QS tools and Shanes teaching we got through them . I was riding alone and with just the string halter and rope . So thanks QS
  6. Hi Verinitia Thank you for your kind words would love to meet you too ==one day !!!
  7. Hi all I have posted a set of photos I took at the great level 2 clinic in Surrey last weekend on my facebook page Avril Wilson . If anyone wants me to send any photos just message me on facebook Thanks
  8. Wow what a gorgeous wee boy -a lucky one too what a great life he will have --you have lots of fun and work ahead =will enjoy watching the progress .
  9. Hi everyone good news three free givaway signed copies of my book -- to be in this prize draw all you need to do is jin my blog http://thehealingtouchbook.blogspot.com before December 1st--all members eligable . Avril
  10. avrilwilson


    Well I am sure Shane, Meredith and Mel can give you some great advice on this but my two pennyworth is that you are trying to do too much too fast ! Wheres the race ? Your young horse needs to learn to trust you again after the needle incident etc .Why not just take a chair into the paddock sit and read and wait till he comes up to you curious then maybe groom him all over with your hands and a brush /comb ---no halter --- then give him a love pat a carrot and leave !! Do this two or three times then he will want to come and see whats next .I may be wrong but this has always worked with my horses .
  11. Wow what a fab bus much better than flights and motels --way to go
  12. So glad you like my book Meredith and thanks again to your self Monica and Tracy for all your input
  13. Hey Sarah well done and Harvey too I think that once they are comfortable with it horses love hacking best way to go
  14. avrilwilson

    Second Ride Back.

    Great stuff Belinda go for it wish we lived nearby we could go for rides with Ron and Oshe I am sure she would love him!
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