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Module 3
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    Surrey, England
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    Making the human world a better place for horses, regardless of what activity we pursue with them.

About Me

Horses have been a huge part of my life, ever since I can remember.  Growing up in a big city (Caracas, Venezuela), I only saw horses that went around picking up children for a ride around the block - one horse tied to the tail of the other, and would beg my parents to let me have a go.  That was the start of an equestrian career that has now spanned more years that I care to admit!!whistling.gif


I have had a go a most everything there is to do with horses - jumping, dressage, eventing, barrel racing, Le Trec, hunting, starting, fixing, teaching, massaging....and then, in 2007, I ran across Quantum Savvy and realized that I had missed a bit along the way - a huge bit:  looking at things from my horse's point of view!


That weekend back in 2007 changed my equestrian life in ways I can not describe.... it actually changed my personal life in many ways to, because horsemanship is not about what you do... but about what you become.


Almost six years later (February 2013) I am proud to be an Agent for Quantum Savvy in Surrey, England and an Instructor for the program.  I am also ready to start competing again - something I love - but this time with my horse's heart and desire on my side...  It is just such an amazing feeling!


If you would like to find out more about how QS  can help you me make you life and your horses' life a better place, please feel free to contact me (enquiries@qssurrey.co.uk).  I love talking about it!!


In the meantime,

Happy Releasing,




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