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  1. Hi Meredith! What would you like to visit on your day trip? London? The area? Sadly I will not be in England when you come... Have you been in touch with Alexia or Rebecca? Have a fabulous trip!! Monica
  2. Carola... Another juicy van? If I were in Australia I would be joining you in a flash!
  3. You didn't waste any time then! Well done!! 😀
  4. Dear QS Family, I would like to thank you all for your kind words. I have been touched by all the private messages I have received, as well. I feel, from the content of those messages, that I should clarify that this is a mutual, well discussed, thoroughly thought through decision. There are no hard feelings between Shane, Meredith and myself. I am sorry some of you felt uncomfortable about sending your messages here.... there is no reason for that. I see this like a "farewell party" on the forum! Thank you for hosting it Meredith! Quantum Savvy, the programme, Shane and Mered
  5. Oh to have you around the corner....Or at least in the same country! Wouldn't be missing if for anything!
  6. Hi TanIA, You are tight.. It shouldn't make a difference. You can be mindful of where you and your horse are on the programme... You might need a smaller enclosed area for some tasks and be OK in big wide open spaces (have I heard that song before!) for others. There is something about working in the same area of your big open space everytime to begin with that is helpful to your progress when you start off... And then you can take it anywhere! Good luck and have fun! Keep us posted!
  7. A big welcome to you, Sandra! You lucky duck getting to study Level 1 with Meredith! Looks like I am living in the wrong part of the world!!! Enjoy!
  8. Way to go!!! I reckon you need some strawberries with that Champagne, too! Xxx
  9. I can't join chat room:(... This is message I'm getting : [#CSTART-6] The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator

  10. Looking forward to it! I have two friends coming!
  11. Rebecca.... I could cry tears of joy for you. You determination and focus are so exemplary. We can all take a page from your book! Watching you work those barrels since Shane left has been inspiring. And now you can reap the fruit of your hard work. So, so, so pleased for you!
  12. Lucky area, lucky Agent, lucky people that can get themselves there with their horses!!! I would love to have this for Christmas... Even more than my two front teeth!!
  13. Very sweet indeed. She is good with big horses, too! I will never forget the moment when we went to fetch Pinky together and as we approached the gate I turned to make sure the big horses weren't approaching us... Well, Rhiannon already had it in hand, yielding them away! It was a sight to behold!! Being kept safe around my horses by a 7 year old!!
  14. Thank you... Somehow I missed this vote, too. Makes a lot of sense. Can we still have those 4 events here in Suurey? As I said before you left, I don't mind covering as "interim agent" until a new one is found.
  15. Have a fantastic day Carola. I am sorry to have to cancel my trip to come and support your event... Will be thinking if you from here. Have a great day!!
  16. If I may, I would like to endorse Carola! She has used my horses for her Cert 1 and 2 training here in England and done a good job of it! If she were doing the course this side of "the puddle" I would be giving definitive be asking her to pleeeeease choose my horses to take along! Have fun Carola! Can't wait to hear all about it!!
  17. monica


    Hey Christine! Good to see you here!
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