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    Red Cliffs (Mildura)
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    Animals (Horses),Leather work.
    Co Group Organiser for the The Mallee Riders Practise Group.

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  1. Mallee Riders Practise Group Having Fun While Gaining Knowledge............. Meets on a Monthly basis at 'Gibsons Ranch' Lowan Avenue, Red Cliffs Victoria CO GROUP ORGANISERS CARMEN GIBSON 0427 668 879 DANIELLE MCCARTHY 0488214388 Join our facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/MalleeRidersPractiseGroup/ Visitors Are Always Welcome
  2. Carmen

    Renegade boots

    Thanks everyone, yes I did see the try before you buy idea I might do that. Sharon it is good to hear some likes them before giving them a go. I will only need them for trail riding and if Deni is a bit tender after trimming so they should do the job. Carmen
  3. Has anyone used renegade boots ? what are they like ? Thanks Carmen
  4. Carmen

    To give away to QS home only!

    Mmmm is it to soon to get a horse for Jack?
  5. Nice Deb good to see you have found a hore you like.
  6. Carmen

    Tennesee walking horse

    Nice Deb I am so happy you have found a horse you like.
  7. Carmen

    Jack Gibson

    Some photos of Jack at 12 weeks old.
  8. Carmen

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    I Lou, We would love to come, anyone else going from Mildura that might have room for a horse? We will see what happens, There are nice rooms to stay in? for Jack that is we would love to camp but might be a bit cold. Carmen
  9. Carmen

    News Of Sucess For The "peanut Gallery"

    Hi Jill great to hear you are riding King, Do let us know how you are going with him. From one of the peanut gallery.
  10. Carmen

    Jack Gibson

    Hi everyone, Just a quick note to let you know what I have been up to. Jack was born on 28/1/2012 at 1.53am his weight was 3360g.
  11. Carmen

    On The Road Again

    See you all soon.
  12. Carmen

    Contratulations Liz & Eadie!

    Yaa Liz and Eadie. Well done.
  13. Carmen

    Congratulations Jenny And Arora

    Yaa Jen and Rory, You have done a great job well done. Carmen
  14. Carmen

    40 Day Challenge

    I just put two assignments in for chris, you can count them in Deb. Carmen