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  1. Hi Antonia, so sorry to hear about Victor, not had any personal experience dealing with Strangles but we have had it on our yard and we were shut down for what seemed an eternity! sorry I don't have any advice to offer, just want to pass on my best wishes x
  2. Hi Monica, wow that's a BIG event! looks like lots of fun! take care x
  3. OMG! flash floods thunder and lightening at yard last night, stables badly flooded, thank goodness for QS allowing me to camly and safely lead Magic to safety! :)

  4. On the subject of too many unfinished things going on in my life, with Magic out of action due to an infected bite on his withers, box rest and antibiotics etc., focused on my bookkeeping and got 3 distinctions and 2 merits! woohoo! have submitted my last assignment, nearly there! :-) next - level 2!!

    1. belindaq


      Hurrah, that's brilliant news! You are living the triumphant life and good on you:)

  5. On the subject of having too many unfinished things going on, prioritised and focused and got 3 distinctions and 2 merits for my bookkeeping! just submitted my last assignment, nearly there!

  6. too many unfinished things going on in my life! need to focus on one at a time! must be getting old :-)

    1. Nicole


      In this you are not Robinson Crusoe.


      ME TOO

    2. vickimarr


      Ditto here too !!!

  7. Hey, well done Allen!! cool dude
  8. Hi Anne, good to see you're not giving up reaching your goal
  9. Woohoo! that's great Avril! hope to hear more about your group maybe you will get that clinic afterall?
  10. Oh yes!! life in general gets in the way, your health, your partners health, work, kids, trying to sell a house, studying to improve your job, weather, weather, weather, facilities/space etc., etc., etc! at the moment, an old injury needing some adjustment in my neck, ribs and hip, gettin' there thou' hey, good thing is that QS will always be here waiting for you, your horse already knows it, its your turn to learn! I've been there! I go with the flow now and find it better to be relaxed and enjoy than jumping up and down in frustration!
  11. Awe, that's a shame - brief description "From remotest Mongolia to the Windsor Greys of Buckingham Palace, horse lover Martin Clunes travels the world to unlock the secrets of a partnership which shaped the world. For many centuries humankind was dependent on equine power for warfare, ceremony, farming, transport and pleasure. Today, the horse is still an important part of our world in many ways. Martin unravels the true story of how humans and horses first got together, and what the horse still means to us in the modern era" In Mongolia there are still wild horses (Taki) and they show you pictures in caves that are 14,000 years old, they look at human relationship with the horse with Monty Roberts and do a join up, the go to Dubai and talk to Frankie Dettori and a racehorse trainer, and discuss the fact that even though many people believe that racehorses love to race, man has in fact harnessed their natural flight instinct running as a herd, they go to the desserts and see pure bred arabs and talk about their history and how they are left to breed without human interference, i.e. only the strong survive, they are shown some basic training methods used asking an Arab to go to a spot and stay there etc., they meet a French trainer (who's name escapes me!) I'm sure we've seen video clips of him on here before, he rides naked, ie. no bit, no saddle, no shoes - he has 5 horses with him on the beach and you can see they want to be with him and play with him, they talk about how your horse is sizing you up all the time and sussing out what kind of mood you're in and whether they feel safe to be with you, they go to America and talk about horses being used for human therapy and healing, that's where Martin Clunes gets emotional and admits that he has a need to look for approval all the time, they look for wild Mustangs and talk about how they are periodically culled, they go to Glasgow and watch/assist in an operation on a foals leg and look at how the horse has evolved from surviving in the forests to out in the plains. So so much more, it was on for an hour - maybe it will eventually be screened on Sky TV or something?
  12. Just watched the most amazing new TV programme aired in the UK - very emotional, made me want to go out and cuddle my boy! Loved it, can't wait for the next part http://player.stv.tv/programmes/martin-clunes-horsepower/2010-08-22-2100/?yes
  13. my_magic


    Hey Christine, there's a few emotional BFOs in there! it takes awhile to sink in but its a real light bulb moment when it happens! thanks for sharing x
  14. back at work after clinic, exhausted! but amazing!

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