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    Passionate about brumbies, love my family, my dogs, my horses - brumbies! And of course, watching my two boys play baseball.

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  1. Recently I was quite disappointed from an article that came my way, with the topic being when to start training your horse for collection and self carriage. Even though horsemanship seems to have come a long way, some old methodologies and mindsets are hard to break. Anyway I wanted to throw it out there in our QS Community - when do you think you should start looking for collection. I know what my answer is but I want to know what you all think too. Yes it probably is a bit of a trick question.....
  2. Woo hoo, fantastic achievement Chrissie and Eli!
  3. Well done to everyone involved. Looks like you all had a fantastic day!
  4. Hi guys, My blue tick Imagination assignment, just incase you're looking for ideas
  5. Sharon helped me with some pics of Boston and our session yesterday.
  6. I want to come! Have a fabulous time everyone.
  7. Some really fantastic achievements there for you all. Well done! Weekends with Mel are so amazing for focusing on our connection with our horses, and picking up on those little things that make all the difference that are so easy to miss at home.
  8. Yes Jill, he actually looks shorter now that he's relaxed through the shoulders! Hunter and Enya are still at the Sanctuary looking for a home. Enya will most likely stay around the 13 something hands but Hunter is a really nice solid type and will mature at over 14hish so if you know anyone.. they're currently available at $750 each. Boston is having a lovely time hanging here, he's settled in well now. Super easy to approach and halter, is quite comfortable on the southern cross pattern, has started the barrel jump this week like he's always done it and Ive introduced the bareback pad this week too. He's nearly comfortable enough to have his front hooves trimmed and the back are just a couple of days behind. Oh and he LOVEs having his ears scratched. Its school holidays here in Victoria so I'm hoping I might be able to get some action photos to share
  9. Fantastic Georgia, looks like a great ride. The montage and pics aren't opening when I click on them, anyone know why that would be?
  10. Thanks! I wouldn’t be surprised if Boston has some Andelusion somewhere way back as he has a couple of boney horns - only small.. either that or he is part unicorn
  11. I'll have to follow up on Enya for you Georgia, I think she is still at the sanctuary. Here's a photo of Boston, now at home with me. He's turning into quite a chunky boy! Excuse the mud!
  12. until

    Georgia could you please pm me the details I need for the Colt Start. Thanks!
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