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    Melbourne West, Geelong, Surf Coast, SW Victoria,
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    Passionate about brumbies, love my family, my dogs, my horses - brumbies! And of course, watching my two boys play baseball.

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  1. Well done, great video Georgia
  2. What fantastic achievements for everyone! Looks like you all had a very productive summer. And of course I know you all appreciate being able to have Meredith personally coach you over the summer too! Well done.
  3. Whoop whoop! A program that works... Imagine that
  4. Hey you did it! Well done Kerri and Ozzie
  5. And... Im pretty sure Meredith has a blue tick on this assignment now so double well done to you!
  6. Perfect.. And of course 1 bay + 1 cremello = 1 buckskin.... but I guess you knew that already
  7. Hows Gully going with this now Jane?
  8. Thanks to everyone for their efforts in putting this together. I had a really great time its always a pleasure to enjoy the company of my Qld QS buddies.
  9. Well done Meredith, so glad to see your consistent efforts are paying off. Just goes to show how everything in the program is there in its place for a reason. Whoop whoop!
  10. Thank you Mel! It’s been a journey this module for sure!!
  11. All booked and ready to come along
  12. Thanks Mel and everyone, Its been quite some time taking Jett through L1, I put him aside for several years so I could do the right thing by him. I had to get my feel and timing better and stop trying to make things happen (sorry Rors!!) Any hint of make and Jett says no, We’ve had our challenges and I’ve spent lots of time in tears working this one out but awesomely proud of how nicely Jett is going now. I’m really looking forward to working on our HiM soon. And I love putting all my horses through the levels program because every time I learn something new or pick up on where I may have slackened off (just a little bit ) Besides I need a new pin Woo hoo!
  13. I’ll be there, not sure on the logistics, maybe just me and I can officiate or something???
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