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    Melbourne West, Geelong, Surf Coast, SW Victoria,
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    Passionate about brumbies, love my family, my dogs, my horses - brumbies! And of course, watching my two boys play baseball.

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  1. Looks great, hope to join in on a few! Lets just hope Victorians can start to behave themselves so Mel and I are allowed to leave the state!
  2. Great tips from everyone here. Ive often had to do the same thing and what Ive learnt that really helps is to use our horses nature of picking up on patterns to our advantage. Mine have different coloured buckets, they always get fed in the same order - top of the pecking order down, and I always feed them in the same spots, just another strategy to help make life easier and clearer!
  3. Event Title: July GO Seminar Event Author: Brumbygirls Calendar: QS GO Seminar Calendar Event Date: 07/01/2020 07:30 PM Jennifer Renouf is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Jennifer Renouf's Zoom Meeting Time: Jul 1, 2020 07:30 PM Australia/Melbourne Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4914436285?pwd=aC9raGVjQzlFSWg4ai85Y0lCeVZydz09 Meeting ID: 491 443 6285 Password: 2aRGeH Hey everyone, time for our next GO Chat. Ive decided it would be a good time to talk about the importance of staying connected and maybe we could share some experiences. See you there. July GO Seminar
  4. Well done, and love your supervisor
  5. Fantastic news Georgia, congratulations and welcome to your new role.
  6. Excellent Look forward to seeing it Meredith.
  7. You've nearly made yourself a smoker there Shane. Very creative! A beautiful sunset and my favourite time of the day to be out riding.
  8. Brumbygirls


    That is a lovely discovery to make Lieni. Finding comfort is so important to our horses and they respond really well when you get it right, as you have discovered! I love liberty and look forward to putting it in my sessions again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  9. I'll miss tomorrows chat sorry Meredith. Ive been having some great discoveries this week working on Rors shoulders to help her stand up better.
  10. You did it! Well done Deb, didn't think it would be far off
  11. They wouldn't go to their new homes until after the training so you should be all good Mel. Thats one of the jobs Id need to get sorted here
  12. Thanks Meredith I truly appreciate all you do in support of the Brumbies. Im in on that one!
  13. Hi everyone, The Brumbies are in my thoughts again at the moment - more than usual if possible! If you're my friend on facebook, you have no doubt seen the recent updates on their current situation. Trapping is about to commence again and Ive been thinking how can I have some impact on these little lives that have a really bad outlook for their future. So, its with this in mind I'd like to consider redoing the Brumby Connection camp in the next 18mths or so. It will take me a bit of time to get this organised. We would be doing it here at QS Geelong which makes some planning easier, other things more difficult! This is a call out to expressions of interest to trainers that would be interested in attending, students for auditing and also more importantly anyone who would consider giving a Brumby home or even sponsoring one in that 2 year time frame. Its wonderful and amazing to train them but unfortunately I can't keep them all I can even accomodate any particular requirement you may have regarding gender, age and size somewhat at this early stage, just as a heads up they mature to full size (height and musculature) at about 6 so would only need light work up to that point and ridden starts from 3-4. Cheers guys and thanks for all your wonderful support.
  14. It certainly was special wasn't it? Maybe it was having a bit more courage to stretch our comfort zones in a familiar setting? Or perhaps like you said the vov feedback which we can go back to at any time to study more and not only ours but the other students in the group too? I really enjoyed it too, and look forward to doing it again.
  15. Hey Deb, Fabulous that you are joining us. if you click on the event at the top of the first page on this post it will take you to the event listing on the forum. In the margin on the left side there is a box you can click on the register, once you click on it, it should say you're going. Just like a fb event Del and Meredith so sorry neither of you can make it now, how to see you still as an auditor Meredith and hope the back is good soon!
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