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    Winchelsea, Victoria
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    Passionate about brumbies, love my family, my dogs, my horses - brumbies! And of course watching my two boys play baseball.

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  1. Brumbygirls

    New idea for filming

    I know Alexia, I would love an infrared one too, they are getting cheaper..... Just need to wait a bit longer
  2. Brumbygirls

    New idea for filming

    Here's the Amazon Aus link https://www.amazon.com.au/tripod-bluetooth-remote-Bluetooth-Smartphone/dp/B0769TQPGF/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527125116&sr=8-1&keywords=Rhodesy+RT-02+Octopus+Style+Tripod+Stand+Holder+with+Bluetooth+Remote+for+Camera%2C+Any+Smartphone+with+Clip Look forward to hearing how it goes
  3. Brumbygirls

    HiM Practice Mornings

    Fantastic Carola, enjoy!
  4. Brumbygirls

    New idea for filming

    Great idea!
  5. Brumbygirls

    Concerned ill get it wrong and mess up my horse

    Hey Tracey, great advice from everyone. Horses are very forgiving so I wouldn't be worried about messing up your horse and as you move forward you are always improving anyway Be bold, have empathy, truly appreciate his tries and have fun. Everything else will fall into place.
  6. Brumbygirls

    Rapid Change

    What an amazing journey you and your family are on Jack. It is a very special community we have
  7. Brumbygirls

    Jackie and Levi Skills check take 2 L1

    Great start Jackie
  8. Brumbygirls

    miss you guys already

    Great pics everyone.
  9. Brumbygirls

    Whole Horse Wellness Workshops

    What a great opportunity! Loads of learning there
  10. Brumbygirls

    Older horses and QS

    What a brilliant story Tracey. You must feel unbelievably proud of Buster (and yourself too I hope!) Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment
  11. Brumbygirls

    Congratulations Donna & Betty!

    Wow Donna, that is awesome. What a fantastic achievement for you and Betty
  12. Brumbygirls

    Don’t you love the calmness of QS horses!

    Fantastic isn't it Vicki
  13. Brumbygirls

    Happy Easter everyone

    Thank you Meredith, hope you had a lovely Easter with your family too!
  14. Brumbygirls

    WBPD 2018 in Victoria

    Thanks to everyone for helping, organising and being there! It was a great event, we did have a fab day didn’t we! oh and dont forget Geelong Mel!
  15. Brumbygirls

    Refining my contact

    Hi, This question falls somewhere between L2 & L3 contact so Im putting it here.. Ive just spent a great weekend with Mel working on our Contact Module with Clancy and made a few little discoveries and has left me with a question. (Yes we already have our Blue tick for this assignment.. ) In contact how much feel do I really need on the reins? We had a play with our cherokee rein positions and Clancy was giving me lovely tries with just my seat. I had the string in my hand but it did have some slack in my asks, when I picked up the feel - even just baby chicken feel it was too much and he just took that as an open invitation to lean. So we were back to saying no, don't lean and having a discussion I didn't want to get into. Picking up feel with the reins is the same, it's nothing and then 400kg's of horse! And thats riding him with the same feel as Rors, so Im not totally inept when it comes to feel (thank you to Meredith for improving this over my last 12 months!) Over summer Ive been working really hard at having the mindset of riding the light horse from the get go so I don't get into these conversations, but do I need to at some stage have more contact?.. can I expect his to give me soft feel and pick up through the back without any tension (not really the word Im after) in the rein, so having a bit of a loop in the reins and using my seat even more? He dives on his front at any given opportunity, but when he's not doing that he is awesome. I'm trying not to get too overly focussed on this as we are working on his fitness for the gallop and a couple of blue ticks and we'll be done with the L2 modules, but 'd like to keep improving so our L3 modules come together nicely, and of course the more forward we have the easier this will be! #ridingtheshorthorse #noheavyhorsesforme