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    Passionate about brumbies, love my family, my dogs, my horses - brumbies! And of course watching my two boys play baseball.

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  1. I know you all this think already but Id like to share so you truly believe it in your heart too. As some of you know last week Aurora and I attended a protest rally in Melbourne to support our brumbies and question the new draft management plan our government is trying to sneak in. Probably once a year an opportunity will come up that stretches both myself and Aurora and our comfort circles but I put my hand up and we do it anyway. Every time we do this she just blows me away with her trust and confidence. So last week I was riding my horse - in our QS rope hackamore, through the streets of Melbourne city along with push bikes, trams & traffic oh and those scary white lines on the road. We didnt prepare specifically for the day - I only had a week to pull it together (probably a good thing). But we had all our foundations that we have worked on in this program, confidence building for both of us, testing our emotional fitness and resilience, so on a day like this we could take it on. She was mentally with me the whole time. She was super aware of everything going on around her but listed to my assurances and for me it was about being emotionally fit enough to not contain her (hair not air - my new mantra) and she was a super star. Im so proud of her. And you know what, out of all the brumbies in the state, and all the trainers that have advocated and trained and owned brumbies do you know how many of them were there.... not one. So to me that speaks volumes to the strength of our training methods and the connection we have with our horses creating emotionally fit and thinking horses. Because yes I took Rors, but I could have chosen Clancy, or with a few more homework cards ticked off it could have been Jett and they would have behaved just as well. So proud... of my brumbies and so thankful to Del who showed me the program and started me on this unbelievable journey that I could never have imagined. Thank you with all my heart Shane & Meredith for giving me all this.
  2. Brace when asking for canter

    Leads are so confusing! Is he on the correct lead in the video? Have you watched Meredith Footfalls video? http://www.quantumsavvy.com/board/index.php?/topic/9455-week-4/ My thoughts are that he just needs to shift his weight off his front and stretch out more. I would say the simple leads homework and stretching him out on the gallop pattern in a faster canter will help this. Finding comfort and release is going to be really important to help him see it not going to hurt an old sore spot. Keep us posted
  3. How Far You Both Have Come

    This is such a lovely reflection Lorraine, well done Angela to you and Nicki for sticking with it. It is so important to look back and where we started and what we have achieved, because as Lorraine said its so easy to get caught up in the doing now that we forget about the journey we have been on. Look forward to seeing you both continue to grow with the program.
  4. Fire side chat reflection and clever pony !

    Cool, love this program for giving us problem solving horses!
  5. We got it :)

    Well done Tracey, sideways is fantastic for helping us find our rhythm and so good for showing our horses where the release is.
  6. Lesson Packages with Fiona

    Great job Kerri. Well done trusting in your instructor, your horse and yourself!
  7. Never say never...

    That is fantastic Sophie. What a great boost for your confidence. Love how those layers just keeps building and then you look back and tah dah, you see how far you have come! Whata great achievement for both you and Yogi
  8. Pony wanted good home guaranteed

    Wil message you Meredith.
  9. retired pony and a new one

    Hi Claire, Great to see you on the forum again. Its alway going to be a tough decision to retire your horse but sounds like it was time and seems to me that Quince has come back to you at perfectly the right time. She sounds perfect. Look forward to hearing about your progress with her.
  10. QS camp horse for hire ?

    Hi Clare, this will be such an awesome experience. What a great trip coming from WA! Enjoy!
  11. Looking to start our herd

    How exciting! Good luck searching
  12. 2017 Reflection

    You've done a great job Sue, its so great to see you out there working on your impulsion with Bailey so confidently now
  13. Oops

    Yesterday I had my 3 riding horses all massaged for tightness - all very different horses and It appears they were all tight in the right shoulder..... Looks like I might need to balance myself up a bit. Off to Pilates I go
  14. Landing Counterflexed

    Well done working thru it Luna, awesome!
  15. Landing Counterflexed

    Hi Luna, How's it going now? If he's improving I'd say you're on the right track. There are a few things I'd ask myself: Check my position - sounds like you've done that, you may need to be further back toward his hip to help with the flex on that side & and make sure to not pull him up at the barrels, keeping myself behind the barrels at the jump. Is my horse really seeing the comfort and release in the jump at the barrels? Maybe I need to be clearer. Is he just doing without thinking, how can I help him out? Often on the 22ft rope we leave our horses out there guessing what we are after so is there enough feel in your direction and send? Does he have any physical issues that may be effecting him on that lead, stiffness, back, feet? If you can tick all these boxes then maybe you're just trying too hard, take a breath, relax and have fun and lots of release for the positive movements you are looking for.