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  1. New to QS

    Welcome Dani & Jack, great work getting onto the forum straight up. You'll find so much help and support here
  2. Pulling hooves away whilst trimming

    Hows the trimming going Sandra? Have you been trying Shane's suggestions?
  3. Positive reflex

    Wendy, fantastic discovery and great advise from Carola. often its the shorter sessions which give us the most progress!
  4. Congratulations Bodil, well done. What a fantastic achievement.
  5. Engaging the back muscles

    Wow Rebecca, thats amazing. Thats a lot of lift, you truly will be floating on air
  6. Congratulations Sandra and Ben L1 grads!!

    Congratulations andra, well done. Sounds like you have your hands full taking 2 horses through the program at the same time!
  7. why we do what we do at Quantum Savvy

    How nice is that. Fantastic when a client can recognise what you are doing and appreciate it Lovely feedback.
  8. Very nice, exciting news for anyone in the market for a beautiful new saddle. I love mine!
  9. QSports Nationals Rathdowney Qld Nov 4th 2017

    This is going to be a great day and Im very much looking forward to joining you all this year
  10. Harmony in no motion??

    It is a bit of a waiting game as Alexia has already mentioned. I've also discovered with my guys that if Im waiting a very long time chances are I missed something way back at the beginning that was probably really subtle, or more like a slight nuance in their behaviour but I just didn't see it in my focus to 'get the job done'. Well done on making this discovery.
  11. Congratulations Alexia and Luna L1 grads!!

    Wow that is fantastic news Alexia, what a fantastic confidence booster for you and Luna!! Well done
  12. Exciting new everyone, we now have one space which has just become available for the Impulsion workshop so if you would like help with your Impulsion homework this is a fantastic opportunity.
  13. Join us at Burong Equestrian Centre, Winchelsea for our upcoming workshops. We have 2 spaces available for our upcoming Confidence Workshop. The Impulsion is full but we'd love to have auditors! For full details please go to our fb events or contact Jen on 0403 995 550. Confidence Workshop Impulsion Workshop
  14. Instant Stop

    Really nice Luna!
  15. Congratulations Fiona Prescott

    Awesome work Fiona, well done!