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  1. my horses

    well here are my horses (or some of them)
  2. pushing emotional fitness

    hi there, well i think it's best if you have trouble cantering your horse in an school, no matter if in or outdoor, then you should start doing so when your horse is warmed up and nice and tender, also try it from the ground first and when you ride them do a lot of circles and bend your horse etc, in walk and trot, and then once everything is fine give it a go and try it from the horses back. gina
  3. our first canter

    yeah the ride was really nice, i was never scared to canter him but since he hasen't been trained before i startet working him (in august) i didn't want to rush things, i think it is easyier to teach a horse to canter on a hack then in a school, i ususally do that with all our young horses. but pantau is a real good horse and i think perfekt for me ;-)
  4. our first canter

    Hello, Pantau and i went on another ride out in the woods again with my mom and sandrine, and a friend sally with sarabie, and it was beautiful, the sun was shining and my hero pantau was as sweet as he can be, we were in front trotting through the woods and i decidet to ask him to canter, he did it right away, it wasen't very long but it was our first canter ever together!!!! after that went so well on the way back we did another canter up the hill and went faster it was a dream he is such a good horse and QS brought us together a lot more we're one now^^ had to share that with yall!! gina
  5. whooooooha

    here is the 2nd part of my ride out with pantau, we went on another ride yesterday and this time we chose a different trail, we had to pass out little village and there one of this things on the ground that coveres the c*s (don't know the english word), plus there was someone hoovering the floor in one of the houses on the side of the road, so pantau was scared and thought the noise came out of the c*s lol, that was the only thing he didn't wanna pass and my mom had to go in front with sandrine, after that little scary moment for him he went back in front again, and we continued. then came the river, and guess what, pantau and i went across the river first!!!!! he looked at the water, snorred a little bit and went in plawed a bit and we crossed the river, it was amazing!! on the way back he went right back in and through the river again, he is such a sweety, he want's to be in front all the time, just when he is really unsure bout something like the hoovernoise that seemed to come out of the road he waits for his mummy to pass first, but we'll work on that, he never panics or is out of control and he really enjoyes rides out, he was really impatient when he realized that we're not going to go into the arena yesterday and he was so happy, he was curious bout everything beside the road and looked around everywhere but he is hardly scared of anything, can't wait for our first canter out!!! more to come soon gina
  6. whooooooha

    hi everyone i had my first ride out with pantau today, he has never really been out of the arena yet, so mom and i decided to take him and sandrine out on a little ride, it was wonderful, he went in front by himself and was a little tenced at the beginning and first scared of the cattle on the side of the road but after a few min he got used to everything and was really sweet, it was wonderful and i'm so proud of him he got really relaxed, the only thing that made him look a bit were the stone walls of the bridges we had to pass but after the 3rd one he did act like he has done nothing else his whole life it was great. and i'm really amazed that he went in front all by himself and passed every obstacle without any big fuss about it. he just went foward and enjoyed the whole ride!!!
  7. a great deja vue

    hey mom it was a real tah dah!! i know how sweet runa is and she reminds us not just physically on gundel(her grandma) but she is just like her in her charakter as well, and you know that gundel chose you that one day when we went to have a look at her to buy her for someone else, so i think you got yourself another gundel there, runa chose you mom was really sad when gundel passed away a couple of years ago, she was a real special horse, when we got her she was really difficult and not easy to handle or to ride but she endet up being the best horse we ever had and i think runa is going to be the same, i would say she's a clone of gundel. so i know how special that moment was yesterday!!!!!!
  8. UK / Europe Tour 2009

    well i hope i'll be in germany by then so i'll try to get a clinic organized in germany i think that will be fun so the germans get to know qs as well :-D
  9. little tah dahs and one big one

    whoooha avril!!!!!!!!!!! i know that it was a real big step for you and you had to get all your courrage together to got work serenity but WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know what a lil brat she was ever since day two (day one she was still sweet ) and i also wanted to tell you how good you get with oshe and how much both of yall have improved!!! your even calming down and paniking less so keep going avril even when mom and i are back in germany!!! your on the right path big hug!!!!!!!

    haha yeah a first class seat would be just what his majesty would like and a whole bunch of grooms that take care of him and give him attention ;-) well, my assignments.... i'm having trouble converting the videos, riva is not working but i already ask darren for help via pm^^ he seems to know a lot bout that stuff...

    yeah gundor is nice to ride bareback but hard to sit cause of his movements, you saw him fly i feel like a beginner on his back but he's just a dream and so easy to ride. meredith, your would've had payed a lot of overweight for taking gundor in your suitcase lol i'm sure we'll see each other next year, no matter if in germany, holland or france i can't wait and as soon as avril gets her tiny behind here we'll film my assignment and yall see how great pantau is doing as well^^

    whoooohaaaa my stupid pc finally hast o probs anymore to load the website :-D we did have a great time at our Clinic here in france, thank you again shane for pushing me with pantau^^ he is doing so good now i ride him bareback and one rain all the time cause he's like an armchair . i also worked gundor a lot and i ride him every now and then bareback and one rain as well but as soon as he trots i have trouble staying on cause of his flying movements i`ll send yall some pics and a video soon!!!!!!
  13. RFT Clinic - France Aug 11th & 12th

    hi all of you :-) i just wanted to thank shane and meredith for the wonderful time we had when they were here!! my neck is starting to do a lot better and i think i can finally ride again, my practise group ist getting bigger now, it's avril, annemarie, cecile and me and sally will join us in october :-) big hug!!!