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  1. It was such a pleasure to watch Del and Jay yesterday. To remember where Jay has come from and to see him handle a big competition environment was wonderful and a testament to Del's quiet perststence, faith in the program and trust in Jay. He was a bit anxious when we first arrived but Del put out her cone and worked him around that on line and then in the saddle......a pattern she has established with him, where he feels confident and happy. Didn't take long for Jay to settle and took everything very much in his stride......unlike some of the other horses there! Well done Del.......
  2. You are doing a great job with Jack Jen . . . . still looking forward to meeting this little man
  3. Congratulations Elise.......well done
  4. Congratulations Deb......well done. Bring on Level 2
  5. Fantastic Meredith.......they say the ones that challenge us the most are the most special ones. Diesel is one special boy and a tribute to your patience and perseverence and a great example to us all.
  6. How fortunate is this little guy getting such a fantastic start . . . . congratulations Jen, you will do a great job. Looking forward to reading all about your journey.
  7. That's fantastic Carola . . . . . cute baby too
  8. Great to see you back Mel . . . . your mare looks lovely (I have a soft spot for Arabs) and Naoko is very cute . . . . and growing quickly Have fun and looking forward to hearing more of your journey
  9. What a great story Liz and congratulations Carola
  10. As always another great article Meredith and one that every person having anything to do with horses should read. Yes, definitely will be sharing !
  11. Loved the write up Monica . . . . saw it on FB! Well done and for your dedication rightly deserved
  12. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time . . . . . and I love all the pics that have been put up on FB. Just shows that weather doesn't matter
  13. Looks great Shane . . . . will be an interesting read
  14. Thanks for sharing this Shane. In Victoria, we feel pretty protected, but then I guess bats (or bugs) don't recognize borders. I am sure if we were all more conscientious about proper hygiene, whether horse, human or anything else, there would be far less incidence of a lot of the 'nasties' that are flying around. I am sure I can speak for all the QS family to say that we are all greatly relieved that you have come through unscathed
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