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  1. Thanks to my QS family for picking me back up :) it was just what i needed xo and thanks Meredith and shane for an awesome RFT clinic at Gin Gin over the weekend .

    1. frostydude


      Nel your mental health is just as if not more important than physical health. Not to all us horsey people... when life gets tough remember your ponies and QS family always make you feel better xxxx Thanks for having us up there was great to see everyone :o)

    2. meredith


      it was fabulous to have you and Blossom at the clinic Janelle...we need to see more of you. We're always here.

    3. vicki


      It was wonderful to catch up with you again Janelle. Lets not make it so long next time.

  2. Thanks Meredith xoxo

  3. Big big Congrats to you and Carnie Sharon you are a true insperation for us all ..... well done mate Janelle
  4. Feels GREAT to be back :) now to catch up on everyone .. new and old ;)

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    2. frostydude
    3. keen2learn


      Oh life has given me a good old ride the past few months :/ ... But i'm BACK :D

    4. Jodie


      cant wait to be getting back into it with you nell! old tyg is retired now so ill be waiting a while.... i hope to make it up a week before camp to get back in the swing of things! come on april!!!!

  5. Love the new look forum Shane , well done ;)

  6. Congratulations Amanda & Abbie

    Congratulations Amanda and Abbie Thats awsome news and it is a great way to begin your Group , super well done
  7. Yay Lindy & Rocky!

    Congratulations Lindy and Rocky Bet yr still on top of the world awesome work
  8. Congratulations Sue & Phoebe

    Congrats Sue and Phoebe Job well done guys
  9. Congratulations Di And Ditto

    Congratulations Di and Ditto Well done well done Di , you said you weren't far behind me wooooo hoooooooo
  10. Hope bub is settling in Meredith xoxo

  11. Congratulations Janelle And Blossom

    Thanks again everyone ..
  12. Congratulations Janelle And Blossom

    Yay , thanks guys ... got my graduating hat on today we are enjoying Level 2 homework cheers
  13. Congratulations Meredith n Shane ♥ what an Awsome B'day pressy Shane ;)

  14. Baby Details Game

    Congratulations Meredith and Shane Welcome to the world Caitlin Rose cheers Janelle
  15. Big Happy Birthday wishes n (( HUGS )) Shane xo