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    Emerald QLD
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    Horses, Farming, riding with my children :)

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  1. Dalby is around 600km from me...not out of the question
  2. Aww sounds promising for you if he is ticking all the boxes, good luck cant wait to hear how it goes! thanks for the ideas I cant say I have looked on those sites thanks again
  3. Now a GO for the new Emerald PG :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. del


      Great to hear Jodie. Have fun

    3. Brumbygirls


      Congrats Jodie :)


    4. TraceyE


      Good on you Jodie!!


  4. Darn she is sold, that will teach me for not checking the forum, Thanks for thinking of me though
  5. Hi, No still on the look out! so hard to find around the $2500 mark
  6. Hi Everyone Im looking at ordering a QS Saddle, i know there is an order form for download somewhere but i cant seem to find it, can someone point me in the right direction please? One other question, has anyone used the fitting kit eddy sends in the mail if your buying long distance and how was the end result? Does he offer alterations if the fit isnt quite rite? Very excited Jodie
  7. Hi folks, Im looking for a nice quiet pony for my daughter, preferably around 10hh Must offer 2 week trial Within 4-5hrs of Emerald QLD Thanks in advance Jodie
  8. Sounds Great Liz, that's what its all about hey!
  9. Still on the look out for any QS folks in and around Emerald....Where are you!!!?? Lacking motivation and confience on my own with a green horse! Would anyone have a flashy flyer template i could use to drum up some interest??

    1. VickiK


      Oh to be a bit closer to you Jodie. We would love to have you in our group. Any chance of planning a visit to one of our play days? maybe we could meet up somewhere half way? Hope you find some people up your way

    2. Jodie


      Yes if only we were a bit closer Vicky....Like 7hrs closer! lol I will just keep on putting up flyers for interest on the local notice board and hope in time I get some interest for practice days ;)

  10. What a great group you have sharron sounds like you all had a fantastic day, i cant wait for the QSkids program to start either a dream come true seeing and experiencing QS along side your kids
  11. Jodie


    Awesome Story Jill Made my day reading that!
  12. Maybe a better choice of words instead of trends I mean technology changing all the time
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