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  1. I am so humbled to have the most beautiful caring supportive friends. xxx Thank you so much for the leg up girls :) Thank-you just doesn't seem a good enough word. I'm a little overwhelmed by your generosity. xx

    1. tkp1


      Just breathe through it...and accept...The world works in mysterious ways.

    2. tkp1


      Looking forward to seeing some assignments...

    3. TraceyE


      I found them! will start uploading :) !!! xxx ((((hugs))))

  2. The freestyle open class - Liberty http://youtu.be/7kmaRd1_KR0
  3. Somewhat slow of the mark, I'm sure there are lots of videos / photos on the forum somewhere. I just want to share a bit of fun that we had at this event. http://youtu.be/i1HiRjWr7lk
  4. Edited the first post in this thread. AS at 6/12/2015 - I have now listed what is left on ebay , Free postage no longer applies as I have reduced the sale price. http://www.ebay.com....=p2047675.l2562
  5. I can hear her laugh, I can hear her saying toughen up princess, I can feel her strength, I can feel her determination. She is one of the strongest and most loving person I know. Bottoms up darling girl.
  6. Belated CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!! You have both worked very hard to achieve your dreams you deserve to be proud of yourselves, well done!
  7. I'll do a L3 clinic later in the year, January is way to hot for me , sorry.
  8. LOVE IT, yep it's hilarious when it's someone else's son, than I had a moment ..... Do I want my son just doing that???? LOL
  9. Yes it is the best feeling when you are now more important then the other horses !
  10. Yes I learnt this with Pocco, once I said and believed that 'it just does not matter' (it's still important to have focus ) but it just did not matter, he chose to stay with me. When it matters too much there is that make , a feeling , a thought, and they know it.
  11. How about a bronze membership for level 3 graduates who have purchased all the study material and been financial members for over 10 years hint hint.
  12. Oh Tania, I absolutely understand the difficult decisions to be made xx I can highly recommend Mr Darcy, he is a beautiful natured boy.
  13. If anyone is interested Tork Cowan horse chiropractor lives 40 mins away in Dalby. I had him out 2 weeks ago to look at my horse who I have been getting ready for camp and was very happy with his work. Everything he found coincided with what I was feeling when I rode, I am feeling a change with my girl already and looking forward to camp. If anyone would like to use his services he is happy to come to the Bell showgrounds. Below is his facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/EquineChiropractorTorkCowan
  14. ROFL! I have only just read this. Firstly well done Meredith. Diesel has come such a long way! and naughty Shane! payback? hmmm problem is he sees an opportunity in everything so I can't think off anything to inconvienence him So I'm with Mel, hide his hat and his boots.
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