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    Echuca Victoria
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    Family, horse riding, playing with my dog, playing outside and reading.
  1. teandell

    My Little Horseman

    That's what it's all about! Fantastic!
  2. teandell

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    No worries Amanda - see you in November
  3. teandell

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    Who will be coming long to Banyandah - Do we have any takers?
  4. teandell

    Dr Deb does it again!

    Fantastic deb, well done. Congratulations to both of you
  5. teandell

    Camping with your Pony

    Glad you had a great time. It was a lovely weekend and the weather behaved itself for us, so we were lucky. We will definitely have to organize another weekend in the bush. We will try to work it so it suits a few more of you. Shell's birthday set up, of drop down bed and pretty pink swag did look toasty and Blue thought his new paddock set up was not too bad either with all that green grass.
  6. teandell

    Herd behaviour and Paint coloured horses

    Hi Jen, Here are a couple of references that you maybe able to research to find your answers. Smith, S. and Goldman, L. (1999) Colour discrimination in horses. Applied Animal Behaviour Science Feist, J. D. and McCullough, D. R. (1976) Behaviour patterns and communication in feral horses.
  7. Happy birthday Shell, hope you and blue boy had a good trip home.

  8. I need to get in touch with Shell. Has anyone got her number or could someone let her know I need to get in touch. Change of camping spot for tomorrow!!

    1. 2legsue


      yep, will pm you her mob

    2. teandell


      Been in touch - cheers. There was a slight change of camp spots due to wet conditions.

  9. teandell

    Jack Gibson

    Congratulations Carmen and Shane, he is soooo cute. Hope to see you all at the next QS rendezvous in Mildura.
  10. Back on track - had a great weekend of practice and riding. Today was a bit wet and wild but it wax a good opportunity to pull out my QS raincoat for the start of the winter season. The rain encourage a beautiful natural flex, so I used it to my advantage.

    1. teandell


      Wax is supposed to be was.

  11. teandell

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    It would be great o see you Carmen. Rally some of those Mildura folk together and give Jane a call to book out the lighthouse. It is fabulous accommodation.
  12. teandell

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    Thanks guys, I have spoken with Jane and she has it tentatively booked in but there has been no deposit sent through. Terry and I will be arriving on the Friday the 8th and heading back home on the Tuesday 12th so staying four nights. So Maree, if you want to stay on longercould you let Jane know. We will only be booking the cattle mans hut accommodation but for anyone else that would like to take part in this weekend the lighthouse is available for accommodation. Please call Jane directly if you would like to book. Come on guys the more the merrier. Great opportunity to film those assignments,
  13. teandell

    Winter Camp at Banyandah

    Hi all, I have just sent Jane from Banyandah an email to see what dates may still be available for a weekend in June. I have asked about the long weekend but I am not sure if this weekend will already be booked. Is there any expressions of interest for a winter Banyandah camp. Terry and I will be going regardless and I think Maree is pretty keen so please let me know and hopefully we can book a date. For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to spend some time at Banyandah it is an awesome facility and soooo relaxing. Here is a link http://www.banyandahnaturally.com.au/home.html Please let me know if you are interested so we can get the ball rolling. Great opportunity to get some of those assignments filmed. Cheers
  14. Hi Mez, Welcome to the forum. I have a very nice halfbreed saddle that I had custom made by Blue Creek Saddles - check out the website. Ian is really helpful and it is a standout saddle for fit, comfort and looks. Both Terry and I hav one, Terry campdrafts in his and says it is one of the best saddles he has ever ridden in and he has had a few. We live in Echuca so if you ever feel like coming for a little trip you are more than welcome to pop up and ride in one of our saddles. Go out for a trail ride with us and see what you think. Cheers,
  15. So glad you have been able to get e weekend off. It will be a fun weekend of relaxation and riding. Any other takers?