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  1. 469 Thank you for starting this post Ann. Both Callie and Firefly have been out of work for a while so getting some hints and tips to get them fit for riding is really welcome. I need to get Callie back as my main riding horse and Firefly needs to loose a bit of weight... walk passenger lessons ... I can do that. Let the ground work begin .
  2. stubby

    Another New Year Graduate!!

    443 Congratulations Georgia A huge achievement. Now the fun really begins . Enjoy Level 2 :clapping: :clapping:
  3. stubby

    Im back

    Hi Jane, lovely to meet you 416
  4. stubby

    Mr. Squiggles

    I thought I introduce Mr. Squiggles to you. He is out of Firefly my lovely partbred Waler mare. His sire is Sandpalm Digger, a heterozyous black. Noone expected a chestnut foal.
  5. stubby

    Tanya Jacobs

    Rest in peace, Tanya. You faught an amazing fight. I met Tanya in 2006 at the Level 2 clinic and then caught up with her a few more times. My fondest memory is that of the UHC in, ooh... 2010 I think... it was a rather wet camp. We were working on our emotional fitness and for me ... going faster then a leasurely canter was a bit scary. Tanya was riding Meredith's horse Angel and she yelled out ... 'Follow me' and cantered ahead of me going faster and faster. I didn't want to be left behind so asked Stubby for more and I had my first fast canter. Thank you Tanya... for the wonderful memories.
  6. stubby

    Today I said Goodbye

    DeI... from our conversations I know how much you love Jabba. She will always live in your heart, and her legacy will be with the skills she has taught you. Lots of hugs to you Petra
  7. stubby

    Introducing QS ELI Instructors

    Woohoo Well done Verena and Jen
  8. stubby

    Baby Details Game

    A wee bit late, but Happy Birthday Caitlin (and Shane ). What a cutie pie , she's grown soooo fast
  9. stubby

    Trouble with forward on one rein

    Hi Lisa, sounds like he might need a bit more desensitising with the rope from the ground. I do not know where you are with your assignments but it's a good idea to make sure you have all the ground skills ticked off as this will help you when you are up in the saddle as Wakita will be used to have the rope flying over his head from left to right and back again. After you have it solid on the ground, start doing it whilst sitting in the saddle but not going anywhere. Just sit, relax and throw the rope over a few times before you ask him to walk off. Hope that helps Cheers Petra
  10. Fantastic seminar, and yes I couldn't help myself and had to giggle a few times ... hehehe. Thank you Verena , I too was sound asleep at 2am. Cheers Petra
  11. Much rather be there with horse, but auditing when I can will have to do for now.
  12. I Shell Updated the PD in the Events calendar for you Crossing my fingers there won't be any water obstacles for you next week .
  13. Hi Meredith, would love to come but won't be able to .
  14. stubby

    Yippee....it's A Blue String For Verena!

    Oh wow... You and Ronda so deserve this Ich umarm dich ganz feste. Einfach Superspitzenklasse!!! Ich freu mich ganz riesig fuer dich
  15. stubby

    Jack Gibson

    Congratulations Carmen... he's gorgeous
  16. Totally awesome... downloaded and ready to get Stubby and I off to get some videoing done. This will be a fantastic programme/incentive to develop Stubby's (and mine) physical and emotional fitness again. :clapping: Awesome stuff!!! Petra
  17. AWESOME !!!!! :clapping: You and Carnie deserve all the champus and strawberries you can get Hugs Petra
  18. stubby

    My Dad

    Meredith, my heart goes out to you. Hugs Petra
  19. Hi Monica, awesome topic but will have to catch the transcript as well. I'll be coming off a night shift and will be lucky to keep my eyes open . Thank you for putting these on for the QS students . Your a gem Cheers Petra
  20. stubby

    Cally's First Tah Dah

    Okay... I am still grinning from ear to ear and I am so proud of Cally. We went on a trail ride yesterday with the Standardbred Association of Queensland, and Cally wowed the organisers with her calm temperament and confidence. We were out with 20 other riders for an 16km trail and Cally carried my all the way without complaint. She had other horses at her behind and some even purposfully rode behind her because she walked so nicely and calmly and they hoped that their horse would settle following her... hehehe. Because we did so much straight line riding I took every opportunity to add some sideways in and practice some HQ control... bit stiff in the beginning but towards the end of the ride I could feel the HQ releasing and stepping though... awesome feeling, and our sideways are getting soft with a nice soft flex developing through the ribs. I was riding in the hackamore and that turned a few heads... they thought I was brave doing that on a just started horse (they thought I was brave going out on the trail on a just started horse as well), but I would have been very brave putting a bridle on her :lol:. Cally was so relaxed and soft ... following my direct rein happily and wasn't even bothered by hares hopping across the trail in front of her, or horses running up and prancing along fence lines, cars, motorbikes... not a worry. Walking over ricketty old wooden bridges and concrete fords... a bit cautious at first but then confidenctly striding across. Just shows the quality of colt starting Shane does . Thank you Shane, I can not put in words how chuffed I am with Cally. It also makes me feel a bit sad for Firefly as I really needed all that Level 2 experience I have now then. I'll make it up to her though . I will post some pics as soon as they become available Petra
  21. stubby

    Cally's First Tah Dah

    We did the rail trail from Fernvale to Lowood and back... it's not too bad, though most of it is alongside the road (but there is a fence for most of the way between the road and the trail .)
  22. stubby

    IMG 9894

    From the album: Callie

  23. stubby