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  1. A Blue String for Elise!!

    Well done Elise and Diva - welcome to Level 3!!
  2. Thank you Monica and good luck!

    Monica!! My hero!! You've been such an inspiration and motivator for me. Your skills are unbeleivable and I always hoped one day I would be just as good as the 'girl with the pearls' I didn't quite make it but I gained something even more precious - a great friendship. <3 Can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you, I'll be along for the ride and hopefully over to see you again in the next few years. Oh and welcome to the ex-club, it's getting to be legendary :)
  3. Canter, canter, canter

    WooHoo!!! Go Rebecca GO!!!!! :)
  4. I know I've been blocked from the Profs but can I please have access to the ELI section. Thanks Shane.

    1. Shane


      Best to use the PM option I think Liz.

    2. lizarch
  5. Oh what a hard decision for you Tracey! I hope you find him a really lovely home. Cheers, Liz
  6. Another L2 Grad for QLD!!

    Congratulations Jen and Music!! Hope you are celebrating big time - you deserve it! Cheers, Liz
  7. Donkey stuck in a well

    How did you know I needed to read that on this very day! Thank you Shane. - 'onward and upward' Liz

    Will definitely be sharing this all over facebook! Thankyou Meredith, will hopefully help some to think outside the square. Cheers, Liz
  9. I dedicate this to Quantum Savvy....

    WoooHooo!!!! That's fantastic Monica. Well done!!
  10. Proud of my boy

    So sorry to hear that he is injured - but what a beautiful testament to the benefits of having 'QS' horses. I'm sure you will spoil him over the next 6 weeks and he won't be stressing - probably lapping up all the attention and no doubt the odd treat here or there Keep us posted on his healing Cheers, Liz
  11. Our First L2 Grad for 2015!!!

    Well done Fiona and Coolie!! :) huge congrats on your DOUBLE achievement! Cheers, Liz
  12. A huge Acheivement!!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ADELE AND JAY!!!! You are an inspiration girl :) Cheers
  13. Merry Christmas to all. Eat, drink and be Merry! xxxx

  14. Congratuations Elisha Cantwell!!!

    Yay!!!!!! Well done :) Have fun in Level 2 Cheers, LIz
  15. Thank you for Quantum Savvy

    Wooo Hoooo!!! well done Jen!!!! Of course, I knew you'd do well - you are an awesome horsewoman! And Rory is a legend. Looking forward to the photos Cheers, Liz