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  1. Huge congratulations to you & Smarty!!!! Well done. Look Out L2
  2. Yay Clanc & big Fish!! Looks like there's now a race on to get thru L 2! Fish ,Bobby Sox & Zuma
  3. Yay Clanc & big Fish!! Looks like there's now a race on to get thru L 2! Fish ,Bobby Sox & Zuma
  4. Its been fantastic working with Jet. He is a georgeous ,athletic ASH who was previosly started, but still in my mind green. His main problem came from missing out on the go forward into comfort lesson when he was started, which all us QS's know is the main foundation stone for a soft forward going horse (in my mind anyway) . It can be so detrimental to a green horse to try & put advanced moves on them before they have a very solid understanding of going forward.....it led to brace, lack of impulsion & bucking. This was the case with Jet. Happy to say he is now going forward freely, lateral flexion so much softer & he ( & all of us) are much happier! Ruby is going great with him, they look very cool together...an awesome partnership in the making :-)))
  5. YAY, YAY, YAY RUBY & ACE.......WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
  6. Awesome!! I loved reading this, it sums up one of the QS ideaoligies of helping our horses find comfort Well done
  7. Yay!! Well done Sarah!! What great leadership you showed.... That's just what a potentially reactive pony needs. On ya Jill!! You are an awesome leader for your girls.I just love watching your kids with thier ponies , & I love what QS gives kids.
  8. mog

    His here, his here !

    Hi Hunter, I hope you and Scout are getting to know each other! Its great that you have this blogg. I can log in to see what you two are doing. Give him a scratch from me!
  9. Hi Cass & Eli!!!!!!! Absolutley Awesome!!!!! I am so proud of you two! Believe everyone when they say you'll love L3, because you will....Eli will discover his reason for being.... when you get the impuulsion balanced it will give you the most beautiful,powerful but light self carriage. OHhhh, gives me goose bumps just imagining you both at the end of L2!!!! Thankyou for hanging in there & being open to changing your old habits!! Hope to see you soon Mog. wish Id been there to wittness your galloping!!!!!
  10. WOW Jill , you put it all sooo well. It was all that & more!! ..............But , whats this, Tilpa Pub?????Hheee he, I'll have you all know (especially Peta & Hunter) that we(& my trusty dogs) were moving some sheep. Remind me again Jill why didn't we go to the Tilpa pub!?? Thanks everyone for coming & making it such a memorable time. It was wonderful to have you all here.I have been inspired.., thankyou all. Never knew sooo much fun could be had with a horse...they are truly amazing animals. Thanks again Jill, you & Leroy rule!
  11. On ya Neville, just awesome!!
  12. mog

    Kalyanka Group

    Events and clinics in the Wilcannia area
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