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    Buronga practise group
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  1. just about to light the BONFIRE , a reminder that it is Sayurday 21st ( not 22 as previously stated , we wan to call monica if possible or skype so be on standby or ph DR de 0418303890 in the next 4 hours and we will catch up, CHEERS to ALL

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    2. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      oh, how i want to be there, with you all, enjoying your company. have a great night... and good luck with the upcoming conference Doc!


    3. drdeb


      gorgeeous night under the stars , VERRRRY LARGE bonfire , but plentty of water on hand, ( Horses not phased at all of course ! ) Great mix of old and new friends, look for pictures on facebook,still waiting to talk to monica !



    4. del


      hope you had a wonderful time


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