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  1. Have a giggle and a wriggle with Dr. Deb and Woody this Christmas ! Happy holidays and best wishes to all ! Lets continue to appreciate our horses in the best ways possible !
  2. It’s great to be part of such a fabulous group again ... these comments are gold .. Woody is coming along nicely in the impulsion program L2 .. I’m looking forward to strengthening him over the next couple of months and improving the quality of all gaits .. it’s such an enjoyable part of the program for both horse and rider I think ....
  3. Love your work Amanda ! And what a super little horse too ! Cheers from Dr Deb
  4. HI Claire , nice to meet you , although Ive been doing QS a while, I recently made the mistake of admiring my horses antics in the paddock ... hes a cheeky arab / welsh cross and he would often come to me, then turn away and show off with his best manouvres...he looked amazing ... I let it go as he was young and still learning...or so I thought ! This behaviour eventually showed up in my ridden work ...despite all my rapport building ...what to do ? .... take charge ! I decided he was actually disrespecting me when I went to catch him .... so I stepped up my leadership and now "playtime" only happens when our lesson is finished. Our ridden work improved immediately...within a day actually ....yet another lesson our horses have for us ..cheers and happy riding !
  5. Hi Monica , we can still do lunch today if this gets to you ... +61 417381909 ! Tuesday our last day

  6. hi meredith , buronga does not seem to be listed in practice group list at present/ makes it hard to advertise our playdays which we still have every saturday 1-4 as we always have had, can you sort this out for us so it makes it easier to find out whats in our program , thanks

    1. Shane


      All groups use facebook for groups events Deb

    2. drdeb


      thanks , would still be nice to be listed on main website considering our longevity and the fact that it was previously




  7. hi liz < can you confirm your plans for worlds biggest playday please ? sat only , or sunday or both ? Jen and red would like to know

  8. Nce one Del ! Be down your way soon to check it out in person
  9. Anyone wanting to sell lesson packs 1-4 , let me know ,there a stil a few people who prefer them, kind regards DR.DEB 0418303890
  10. just about to light the BONFIRE , a reminder that it is Sayurday 21st ( not 22 as previously stated , we wan to call monica if possible or skype so be on standby or ph DR de 0418303890 in the next 4 hours and we will catch up, CHEERS to ALL

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      oh, how i want to be there, with you all, enjoying your company. have a great night... and good luck with the upcoming conference Doc!


    3. drdeb


      gorgeeous night under the stars , VERRRRY LARGE bonfire , but plentty of water on hand, ( Horses not phased at all of course ! ) Great mix of old and new friends, look for pictures on facebook,still waiting to talk to monica !



    4. del


      hope you had a wonderful time


  11. Join us for the WINTER SOLSTACE BONFIRE at Buronga Practice group RIVERBENDVET CLINIC Horse free , BYO BBQ meat , we will do the roast vegies ( Red Wine also ) PH Drdebg 0418303890 4pm start sat June 22

    1. del


      I'd love to come Deb but.....I'm working. Have fun though

    2. Jillian Prince

      Jillian Prince

      Have a great night Dr Deb, would love to sit around the campfire with you all!


  12. Source: The Byfleet Bunch, Summer Solstice Camp Over, 21st June
  13. By chance we ( Buronga Practice group ) are having a winter solstace bonfire on the same night ! Next Saturday June 22nd at Riverbend Vet ( late celebration for dr debs birthdy too. Horse free , 4pm start - bring bbq meat , we will do roast vegies ( and red wine ! ) maybe we can skype you guys !! Ph Dr deb 0418303890
  15. I have pm ed brumby girl to see if she can provide us with th wonderful spreadsheet we had last year,stay tuned, Sunraysia A team so far : drdeb,amanda,liz,sally,bronwyn ....................sunraysia B carmen,stacey,chris and ????? Lets us know whos in,We are lagging,but will come home with a rush ! Can we snaffle you Mel???
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