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Found 10 results

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    Release Focused Training Changing the way we think about horses to connect with their hearts and minds. How do horses really think and what motivates them to learn? This book looks at the methodology behind the Quantum Savvy Horsemanship programme and how it consistently helps people the world over to achieve amazing results with horses. Simply by changing our mindset, our heart set and how we approach horses, we learn what really motivates them, the way they learn and think and ultimately how to connect and communicate with them. Even after thousands of years of close association, we still don't truly comprehend horses. For the most part, they are fundamentally misunderstood, mistreated and underestimated. And yet these amazing creatures can offer us a true partnership and connection in moments, if only we really knew how to stimulate their minds. If you want to develop a true partnership with your horse - one that he enjoys as much as you and that affords you success in whatever discipline you follow, this book will show you a clear pathway to follow to your dreams. Dowload your FREE book via the button or get the nice shiny printed version in our shop. If you are from outside Australia like most people are you can quickly get a copy posted to you from Amazon in your country. Printed version
  2. We have just had an amazing week watching Shane train our horses here in the UK. What an honour! What an experience! What a huge learning curve! First of all a huge thank you Shane and Meredith for allowing us to be there. As many of us know, horse training events are usually just that with owners dropping their horses off at the start and picking them up again at handover. No owner presence in between. This time they agreed we could watch. So, there was a small group of us there (essentially those of us having our horses trained and a special guest who was helping with the venue and cooking for us - thank you Tracy - all QS students). We all learnt so much from being there and have come away with a much greater understanding of what Shane has achieved than we would have done if we hadn't been there. I believe we are all much better equipped to maintain the fabulous work he has done and build on it than we would be otherwise. It was hard at times and wouldn't work if the owners were not fully on board with the programme and fully trusting of Shane. There was a lot of paradigm shifting going on and these are not always easy. Once again, a huge thank you for trusting us to trust you. So what did we learn? Well, I am still downloading quite a lot so I will add to this thread over the days that follow, I imagine but here are a couple of concepts that have taken on added layers: Teach your horse to think by not helping it out so much. As you work through the programme, you pick up more and more skills. The more skills you have, the easier it is to help your horse out. The more you help your horse out, the less it needs to think and work things out. If you don't let your horse work things out, it is just waiting for you to tell it what to do so essentially it is moving from pressure and not to comfort. And of course, a horse that doesn't work things out is not an emotionally fit horse so where does that leave the safety issue? It's never about the task. This is a continuation of the first point. It's more about the decision and willingness to do the task. The willingness to try even if the horse doesn't believe it can. The willingness to think. How the horse does the task is a reflection of these things. Once you have the try and the willingness, the softness comes and the range of movement improves. The value of seeing the bigger picture. I still need to ponder this one as, at the moment, I am just a bit in awe of Shane! I guess this comes with experience. It seems so obvious to me seeing it written down but the words have taken on new meaning for me. Like I said, another layer. What did the rest of you take away from this monumental week?
  3. Welcome to Quantum Savvy Northern Rivers Daring to be different, QS Northern Rivers provides a platform for students to develop their horsemanship skills and build a connection with their horse. QS Northern Rivers can connect you with like minded people and support you on this journey. We offer a range of services from Horse Training, Online Coaching, Camps and Clinics, a Step by Step Programme and Private Lessons for adults and children. Spanning from the Tweed Border, West to Limpinwood and south to Byron Bay, we welcome all enquiries and questions. Contact Elise on 0401 798 584 qsnorthernrivers@gmail.com
  4. Do you have a young horse that is ready to start his/her education? Would he benefit from 13 days of tuition under the guidance of Shane Ransley? Sure he would! I am very excited to be heading over to Bell, Queensland in November (4th-16th) to do the Young Horse Handling and Colt Start courses with Shane and still have a coupe of spaces for horses. I am a Grade 1 trainer, an EL Instructor, a GO and a level 3 student, based in the UK. Over the years, I have attended several clinics and camps with both Shane and Meredith as well as travelling to Australia to do the Ultimate Horse Course. My name is Alexia Goulandris; I am about 1.71m tall and weigh about 58 kilos. If you would like to offer this fabulous learning experience to your horse, please do get in touch.
  5. Hi Everyone, Here are the details for my upcoming feature event in Victoria. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me here on the forum or facebook or give me a call on 0429873120. " data-width="466"> Post by QS Horsemanship Ballarat. Post by QS Horsemanship Ballarat. " data-width="466"> Post by QS Horsemanship Ballarat.
  6. What a line up of events - horse people in Surrey are in for a treat!! We look forward to seeing lots of you there!
  7. Quantum Savvy UK Tour 2014 July 25th to August 31st Ockham, Surrey We are very pleased to announce that Shane and Meredith Ransley are traveling to England again this year! It is time now to book your place on one of the exciting events that are planned for this year's tour and take advantage of the incredible opportunity of learning, first hand, from these amazing Horsemen. It is a real privilege to have them in our area! July 26 - July 28th: Impulsion Clinic, 3 Days with Shane Ransley July 29 - July 31: Collection Clinic, 3 Days with Shane Ransley August 1 - August 3: Advanced Connection: 3 Days with Meredith Ransley August 10 - August 14: All Sports Pre-Training Cert 1 5 Days with Shane Ransley August 16 - August 20: All Sports Pre-Training Cert 2 5 Days with Shane Ransley Aug 21 - Aug 22: Group Organizers Conference Aug 23 - Aug 26: Professional Conference Aug 28 - Aug 31: Instructors Training Details for all the events can be found by following this link on facebook. For further information you can email monica@qssurrey.co.uk. See you there!
  8. Would you like some extra help with your horse? Maybe you would like to feel a little safer as you work through the programme or you have particular goals you would like to reach in a hurry? In recreational riding it is really important to have your horse both mentally and physically prepared so that he is thinking and carrying himself well through whatever you do - trail riding, joining in with your local horse groups or in your sports, you will need the same things. Through horse training, I can help bring your horse up to a level that matches your own horsemanship skills, helping you to feel safer whilst you are learning and if you are in a hurry to get somewhere, I can help fast track your progress also. Please check out my training packages below and feel free to contact me if you would like to tailor a package to suit your horse and your goals specifically. I do travel so keep an eye out on when I will be visiting your area next. simplebooklet.com
  9. Jillian Prince

    Trainer Flyer!

    Hello everyone, I must say Im very excited to be say that I have finally made up a flyer for my horse training! I have attached it, if you know of anyone, of course that is not in an area of another endorsed trainer, please pass on my details. Cheers Jill. All Sports Flyer .pdf
  10. Hi Everyone, I hadn't advertised this event as I did have it booked, but due to a last minute cancellation, I have a spot left in foundation training in Central Victoria on December 3rd - 7th 2012. If you would like a little extra help with your horse, maybe you would like him loading onto the float better, easier to handle and lead, your horse has too much go, or not enough, I can help with all this and much more. Give me a call on 0429873120 if you would like to discuss your horse with me.