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You Can Do It too! Qld Tour 2016

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Hi everyone. Many of you will have heard by now, of our (Shane's and my) plans to do an awareness tour of Qld in April and May. There are many objectives to this tour; primarily it is to raise awareness of a better way of doing things with horses, for as many horse owners as possible.


Our medium is of course Quantum Savvy, but please understand that this is not just about raising the awareness of QS (this will happen but it is incidental). We need to be far more proactive in making fundamental and permanent change to the horse world. So we are taking it across the world beginning with Qld. Yippee!


Our plan is to take as many QS Profs and students as possible (for maximum impact), to 9 destinations around Qld and stay for a week at each place. We will do a free demo when we arrive and invite as many of the public to come along as we can.


Then for the rest of the week, we will be having free open sessions where the public can come along and watch us all practising with our horses, doing the things we do every day. It'll be a 'behind the curtain' kind of deal, but of course with us there is no curtain. We want to show people that this for us is normal...this is what we all do, all the time. This is how our horses are, this is what we get up to and this is how much fun we have.


People will get the chance to see a wide range of people, horses, breeds, disciplines, goals and dreams. They'll get to talk to us all and see us in action.


If they want, they can also get in on some coaching, or some horse training while we are in the area.


Our practise sessions will be in the morning only. After lunch, the tour team will be hanging out, having fun, checking out the local sights and scenery.


This will be a massive boost for local people around Qld....whether we get 20 people or 2000 people coming to watch it doesn't matter.


It will also be a fantastic chance for our profs to immerse themselves in being a full time prof for the period they are with us. To talk to way more people than they would normally get to in a short space of time, enjoy the sights of Qld, hang out with Shane and I and hopefully expand their comfort zones!!!


What an incredible opportunity.




- if you want to come along?

- how long for?

- which parts of the tour?

- do you want to be on the demo team?

- or a part of the support team


I will be starting promos for this in the next week or so, so I need to hear back from you asap please.


For those of you coming who wish to be a part of the demo team (you will be part of a group MCed by me that will do up to 2 x 30 min demos each week), what is your ta-dah? You only need to have one, but we do need a few flash moments. For example, jumps, bareback & bridle less lead changes, contact riding - half pass etc, something fancy at liberty and so on. I have for example asked Shane to work on his piaffe with Mejor. It's pretty good now but he'll put the polish on it. So, if you have a 'centre-piece' please do let me know.


This tour will be amazing, life changing, liberating and is the chance of a life time and we are inviting you to join us. We'd love to see as many of you there as possible.


So have a think about it and let me know, if you'd like to be a huge part of changing the horse world forever. This is history in the making here. What an incredible opportunity.


Venues still to be finalised but approx dates and places listed below.


Oh and one last thing. We are doing these demos for free. I am asking venues to give us a good deal as we'll have a bunch of people camping for a week (yes you will need to pay your own camping costs.....sorry). We will for the most part be at showgrounds.


I am hugely excited about this folks. 'You can do it too!' Woohoo!




Gold Coast April 1st to 7th

Sunshine Coast April 8th to 14th
Rockhampton April 15th to 21st
Townsville April 22nd to 28th
Cairns April 29th to May 5th

Hughenden May 6th to 12th
Longreach May 13th to 19th
Charleville May 20th to 26th
Goondiwindi May 27th to June 2nd

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Woohooo so excited about this tour. The format is going to introduce QS to so many people and go a long way toward changing how people relate to horses. I feel very proud to be a part of the touring team.

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Very exciting!.....can't wait to get the tour underway.




Very exiting news today as we release details of our 'You can do it too!' Tour of Queensland coming up in April and May this year.

Posted by Meredith Ransley on Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Hi Guys, I would love help out anyway I can....I can help out both demo days on the Sundays the gold coast and Sunshine coast!! on the door, handing out info whatever you need...if you want Junior I'm happy to bring him too haha .. I will try and swindle a few more days if I can...anything to help and spread the love....what an awesome opportunity for everyone.


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Thank you so much Nat. We'd love to have you and Junior there. I've popped you on my list and will get back to you later with when, what and how! :)

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Just let me know what you can do Di. :)


Folks, if you are wanting to come along for any or all of the tour, I will need to know fairly soon which bits you are coming for as I am now promoting this event. It is great if you can be there for the demos but as I mentioned before, the really important part of the tour is the Monday to Thursday bits. The practise sessions where people can come along and see wha we do, meet us and talk with us about QS and how they can do it also.


If you have ever wondered how you can help. how you can be a part of changing the world (a massive task for anyone!!!) then this is your chance. We need as many of you as possible.



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Can be up their early friday. Stay sat and sunday and have to leave sometime monday. Whatever you want me to do. If u want me for demo, our fav thing is liberty.xxx

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Hi again everyone. Just wanted to once more ask for your help in changing the world! Just a small thing to take on. What we really, really, really need help with is the behind the scenes days during the tour. The Monday to Thursday Open Practise Sessions.


These are the crux of the tour and the whole reason we are doing it. The demo day is the easy bit and is really just a promo event for the rest of the week. Shane and I will do a couple of demos each and we'll ahve a group one and one for the kids, but what we really, really, really (have I said that enough!) need help with is getting as many QSers to the play days (Practise Sessions) as possible. We need to have a whole bunch of people out there playing with their horses each day so that passers by and visitors can see a whole group of people doing fantastic QS stuff. And I don't mean tricks or fancy bits, What people need to see is that special relationship we all have with our horses, the way we go about what we do, the try our horses have, how nice and safe and calm they are to be around. We all (yes you!) do wonderful things every day with our horses and take them for granted.....things that other people can only dream of. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO SEE! This is the main reason for this tour.


So as much as I love that you want to help on the demo day, please know that the demo pales into insignificance compared to the rest of the week.


WE NEED YOUR HELP. This tour can not work without lots of support from you guys. So please, if you can come along to some or part of the tour, please do let me know now. People already know what Shane and I can do with horses, what they need to see and who they need to meet IS YOU.


Please help. :)

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Hi Meredith,

I would love to help and be part of this tout too.

I am just starting a new job here in Toowoomba tomorrow that requires shift work.

I would like to get to Goondiwindi as Sunny is in Warwick at Ruth's and is doable. Which way do you plan to get to Goondiwindi from Charleville? Is a brief stop in Bollon in the realms of possibility?

I will see how the "getting time off work" operates over the next couple of weeks and will be able to give more definite dates.



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Wonderful thanks Kerry. it would be fabulous to have you and Sunny there also.


It's been really hard to try to fit all this in, in just 9 weeks. We would have loved to do another 3 weeks really and then we could have done a week out your way as we hoped. But it just hasn't been possible I'm afraid. We really wanted to get to St George. If we do come via Bollon, we may possibly stop there for lunch. We have a huge travel day that day - 8hrs + -but if we can, we will try to do that.

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Did you know that you can........


  • do piaffe without spurs
  • collect your horse without a bit
  • lead your horse without a halter
  • connect with your horse without a rope
  • load your horse without pressure
  • trim your horse's feet without tying her up
  • ride your horse without containing him
  • communicate with your horse without force
  • have impulsion without controlling your horse
  • play with your horse without fences
  • build a partnership without mastering your horse


I'm working on the You Can Do It Too! Qld Tour promos folks. I'd love some ideas along these lines please......oh and photos of any of these too, if you have something that represents the concept.

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I have your piaffe photo Shane. I need some others though folks. :)

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Hi Paula. If you visit the You Can Do It Too! Qld Tour facebook page below, you'll find all the details of the tour as we have them. If you click on the events link on the page, it lists each of the events with full details of each one.




Gold Coast Agent and Instructor Lorraine Dowdeswell is our organiser for this part of the tour. She will also be in touch with you shortly with more info. I hope we get to see you there!

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