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Shoes off recently

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Hi all,


Ive recently taken Busters shoes off, his back ones came off a couple of months ago and are  doing great and his fronts came off six weeks ago now.  He was sore for around 10 days and is still uncomfortable on stoney ground on his fronts.

my question is in order to go out and about and him be comfortable wherever we go should I get him some scoot boots for his fronts?  Does anyone have any experience of using scoot boots?

it's still early days and I expect his feet to toughen up over time, we have been preparing for the shoes to come off for over a year and his feet are so much better now.

our farrier is very encouraging and has shown  me how to take care of little issues if need be however I would love to learn more.  

As I underatand it your guy Peter has trained folk over here and so I was wondering if we could have any recommendations from him on who to look for.  There are so many out there and I would rather go for someone  in the family, so to speak.

I cant believe i have only just come across this part of the website! Great website by the way :) 




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Hi Tracy.

Darcy had his front shoes off a few months ago and he was very tender. I found a barefoot trimmer who looked at how Darcy moved and how his hooves were balanced. He gave Darcy a trim and rounded his toes slightly which stopped his paddling. 

He also never removes anything off of the sole and gave me homework to walk Darcy over stones ground for 10 minutes a day. This has really helped out Darcy's hooves and he is no longer sensitive on hard or stones ground.

I hope this helps :)

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Thank you, yes good idea re walking over the stoney ground for 10 mins a day.  Busters feet were very soft a few years ago and it has taken all this time through better nutrition to get them tougher and they are much better now.

Thanks again x

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