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2019 Surrey UK

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Hi guys, 

I was just wondering when you will be coming over to us this year.  Can you let me know dates so that I am sure to keep the time free so I can attend. It doesn't need to be exact dates just a rough idea, which weeks in August? 

Can't wait :D

Tracy x

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Hi Tracy.  Yes!......we sure can.  I'll be talking with Carola and Alexia soon to start planning events for this year so we'll let you know what and when asap.  At this stage all I can tell you is that we'll begin the tour late July and have all of Aug penciled in also. 

If you have requests for events / topics etc then just let us know as it'll help us put the ideal plan together.

More soon.


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We've had requests to head to Germany / Holland mid to late August which would mean being in the UK late July / early August.  If everyone is okay with this we can begin planning around those times???


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi everyone......well we are well underway with planning this year's events for August.  We do have preliminary events and dates and very soon everyone will get an email of what we have planned.

For now, I can tell you that we do have a 5-day Harmony in Motion camp lined up for Surrey UK.  I will also be offering lessons and horse training in Surrey while I'm there.

We will also have some events in the Netherlands.....likely Level 2 at this stage. 

Also on the cards is a visit to Germany as well as Scotland.

We are still planning so if you would like an event in your area / country, please do let us know ASAP so we can make sure to include you.

Stay tuned....more very soon.


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Great news everyone.  We have dates at last and costs for all events.  Please do check out the list below, and let us know what you are interested in doing this year.

Please note - we do need firm interest in the HiM camp.  For the tour to be confirmed we need a minimum of 5 definite riders for this.    Once we have this confirmed, we can go ahead with the rest of the planning for the tour and add the extra events.


Aug 1st & 2nd - Lessons Germany

Aug 3rd & 4th - Clinic / Lessons Holland

Prof Seminar Aug 6th

Aug 7th to 11th  - HiM Camp UK

Aug 12th to 15th - Lessons / Horse Training  UK

Aug 17th & 18th - Lessons Scotland


Harmony in Motion Camp:  $1400 per person. 5 full days studying Harmony in Motion.

Group Lesson: $245 for the first lesson.  $225 for the second lesson. $200 for third or more lessons.

Groups of 2 - 5 people studying a specific topic.

Private Lessons: $215 per hour.

One on one private lesson with Meredith. Special!.

Horse Training: $215 per day

Have your horse trained by Meredith - minimum 3 days.

Auditors: FREE - for any course attendee to audit any other course.

                 Non attendees - $40 half day, $60 full day for the first day.                                                   

                                              $50 per day for any additional days.

Please express your interest in the events below.


Harmony in Motion 5 -day camp  

HORSE TRAINING minimum 3 days


L1 ground or ridden

L2 Impulsion

L2 / L3 Liberty

L2 Connection

L2 Contact

L3 Connection

L3 Impulsion / confidence

L3 Collection


Level 2 Lessons

Level 1 Lessons

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  • 4 months later...

Hi everyone......are you counting the sleeps yet?  I know I am and it's only 8 weeks now until I hop on board the big jet to bring me to summer in Europe!  I can't wait to see you all somewhere in my travels.

I hear on good account, that some of you are getting prepared and ready for my trip, to make the most of my time on your side of the globe.  Which is terrific news.  It is going to be 3 fabulous weeks so lets cram as much in as we can while I'm there.  We'll be doing lots of riding and lots of stretching to new things, so if you need extra help, now is the time to book in with the girls (Alexia and Carola) for some lessons or horse training so you are ready to go come August.

A little closer to the trip, Carola, Alexia, Tracy and I will put together some fun social events for Surrey, while I'm there.  So stay tuned for those....I'm sure we'll manage a few evening get togethers and at least one lunch at my favourite...The Compasses!  And maybe a trip to Ripley Farm shop Tracy???  And I'm sure Carola and Wendy will have something cooking up for my trip to Holland also?????

We will have an evening seminar in Holland on Friday the 2nd of August.  Likewise in Thursley on Tuesday August 6th.  Times. locations and subject TBA.

Just a reminder folks that there are opportunities for you get get some private or group lessons while I'm in Surrey, as well as horse training.  Please check the events list below.

Also, I've listed the possible events list for Holland below.....you will all have been chatting to Carola about what everyone wants to do while I'm there.  Now is the time to get your deposits in to confirm your spots in the events of your choice.

It is going to be a fabulous summer....I'm sure I have said that a few times.  I really can't wait to see you all...I know how much fun we'll have and how much we'll all learn.  Even me!

Please do let me know if you have any questions at all.

Take care and lets count those days.



August 1st -  Holland

private or group lessons available

August 2nd, 3rd & 4th  - Heino Holland?

9am to 12pm  - L2 half day workshops

1pm to 4pm - HiM half day workshops

4.30pm to 5.30pm - L1 lessons

August 6th - Profs and GOs day / Thursley England

August 7th to 11th  - Thursley England

9am to 5pm - Harmony in Motions Camp

August 12th to 15th - Thursley England

9am  to12pm - private or group lessons available

1pm to 2pm - live assignments available

2.30pm to 3.30pm - Horse training / Tracy

4pm to 5pm - horse training available

5pm to 6pm - live assignments available

August 17th & 18th - Strathaven Scotland

9am to 5pm - Horsemanship Workshops

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