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Our QS Team

Each and every one of our fabulous QS Team members has worked hard and studied for many years with Shane and Meredith personally. To gain accreditation as a QS Team member is not easy…..it takes years of dedication and commitment and to that end Shane and Meredith can vouch for each of them personally. Our Team members are knowledgeable, friendly, caring and highly skilled so with them we know you are in good hands. Our Senior and Endorsed Instructors and Horse Trainers and QS Coaches are all dedicated to helping you reach your goals effectively and to making huge changes in the world to ensure horses are properly understood, treated with the respect they deserve and that their humans can understand and communicate with them effectively and safely.

QS Senior Instructors

Senior Instructors teach all Levels of the QS Foundation programme (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and Harmony in Motion, to groups of up to 10 people at a time. They do seminars, demonstrations and presentations, as well as one-day workshop and 2-day clinics, travel to any area and do assignment coaching for all Levels, either live or via Voice Over Video and retail QS clothing and equipment.


Mel Peacock

QS Goldfields Vic, traveling Australia wide.

Mel caught the horsey bug from a very early age but was not allowed to get a horse until she was 14 years old.  Her family were farmers, not horse riders so it was her very first horse, a 3-year old Paint gelding that had just been ‘broken in’, who gave her many lessons – and a few bruises!

Despite this rocky start, Mel was hooked and as she grew up, she went to pony club and found a great love for jumping.  She competed at local horse trials and had a lot of fun, but always found that the finer details of riding seemed to be a bit of a secret.  She wanted to know why horses did what they did and how they knew what your aids all meant, but when she asked the question she was always told, “That is just how it’s done.”

It wasn’t until many years later that she met her mentors, Shane and Meredith Ransley and was introduced to Quantum Savvy’s principles and then things really changed for her.  Mel started to learn how and why things happened and to understand what was happening from the horse’s perspective.  The effect this had on her horse was amazing and as her confidence in the saddle grew, she felt possibilities start to open up again.

Mel become a Quantum Savvy Instructor in 2004 and since then she has traveled around Australia sharing this fantastic knowledge with riders who felt like she did back then. 

“I know how my experience and insight can help you feel more confident and your horses be safer, so that you can truly enjoy your partnership together.”

[Video coming]

QS Endorsed Instructors


Fiona Prescott

Growing up in a small country town in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Fiona started riding horses as a teenager.  She would have to ride her horse through town, through the bush and across farms to be able to go and hang out with her friends and attend pony club.  This freedom inspired a love for trail riding and exploring the natural beauty that Queensland offers.  

When Fiona found herself with a horse that couldn’t cope with her active lifestyle, she started searching for help and that’s how she found a QS local practice group in 2008, starting her journey to becoming part of the Quantum Savvy Professional Team as an Endorsed QS instructor and horse trainer.    You can now often find her racing her family on their motorbikes, trying challenging obstacle courses and attending local horse events.  She says that, “It doesn’t matter if your dream is to canter bareback down the beach, or just walk quietly through the bush, there is nothing stopping you from achieving that goal, you just need the right supportive environment around you”.     

Fiona travels in her gooseneck around Qld teaching as well as providing clinics and workshops at her property in Tiaro, on the Fraser Coast.   “Horsemanship is paramount in all we choose to do, whether you’re competing or trail riding, good horsemanship is required,” she says.  Fiona believes that everyone should be able to take their horse out and about, knowing that they’re going to have a great day and come home safe.


Fiona Prescott

Ph: 0405 484 232

email: QSMaryvalley@gmail.com

or visit our facebook page: QS Mary Valley

QS Coaches


Jill Prince

QS Outback, Cobar NSW and surrounding areas.

Jill has been involved with horses since she was a teenager, competing at Pony Club and local shows. “As a teenager my sisters, friends and I would go out and hoon around the local common.  It was such a great way to grow up,” she says.  She now coaches and supports students at her beautiful family property near Cobar, Outback NSW.  

Jill started her QS journey in 2004 after the birth of her first daughter, when the desire to get back into horses took hold. Things didn’t go so well for Jill and her new horse, so she sought help from a QS Instructor and horse trainer and thus her journey began and she is now a member of the Quantum Savvy Professional Team. 

Travelling to connect with people in the QS family is high on Jill's list of things that are important to her. “For me, connecting with people is so powerful,” so Jill and her family often travel throughout Australia or across the globe to do just this.

Jill's passion is working with kids and women and loves seeing someone's belief in themselves grow as they work with their horses, “I absolutely love watching how it empowers women and teaches kids to deal with their emotions.” 

Jill will try her hand at most disciplines, but you can often find her at a cattle-working event, gymkhana or on a trail ride with her two daughters. 

“I really love being able to go try my hand at whatever takes my fancy. Knowing that my girls and I can go anywhere and try something new and have fun together is so valuable.”


Jillian Prince. "Lachlan Downs" Station.

Cobar, NSW 2835.

(02) 68373813  0400364444


Jen Renouf

QS Geelong Vic and surrounding areas.

Jen has had a lifetime passion for Australia’s Brumbies, particularly after her encounter with her first wild Brumby ‘Aurora’, in 2007 at the Victorian Brumby Association. Since then, she has been on a life-long road to discovery in Horsemanship to understand her horses better and become the best horseman she can, studying extensively since 2007 with Shane and Meredith and continually refining her skills in Horse Training and Colt Starting.

She often takes her Brumbies on the road, heading even as far as the QSSC in Queensland. Hanging out in truck stops or grazing by the side of the highway just adding to their daily life. She also enjoys taking her ‘all-rounder’ Brumbies to a variety of shows, demos and competitions. 2018 saw Jen take Aurora into Melbourne, riding from Fitzroy Gardens and onto the steps of Parliament House, bitless and barefoot as part of the rally to get a better deal for the Brumbies. Participating in the 2016 Equitana Australian Brumby Challenge with Jack was extra icing on the cake, adding an extra layer to her level of horsemanship, making some new discoveries and new friends. “I am so proud of my horses and all they achieve with the QS program and how much fun and enjoyment we have together.”

Jen especially loves sharing her knowledge and Brumbies with fellow Quantum Savvy students. “There is nothing quite like seeing the joy and success other students have as their own horses gain confidence, and they achieve their goals”.


Servicing the Bellarine, Bannockburn, Lara, Torquay and Winchelsea areas.

Ph: 0403 995 550
or email me @ qsgeelong@gmail.com

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