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QS GO Seminar Calendar: April 2020 GO Chat - Keeping in touch with your group

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Event Title: April 2020 GO Chat - Keeping in touch with your group
Event Author: mel
Calendar: QS GO Seminar Calendar
Event Date: 04/14/2020 07:30 PM to 04/14/2020 07:40 PM

Mel Peacock is hosting this months Student Chat!

Topic: Keeping in touch with your group
Time: Apr 14, 2020 07:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 665 890 834

April 2020 GO Chat.png

April 2020 GO Chat - Keeping in touch with your group

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Hi Everone,

I have had to reschedule this month's GO Chat to the 14th April.

Keeping in touch with our group members is going to be super important over the next few months.  The Worlds Biggest Play Day was  a huge success and if we can keep that going, it will be great for keeping that group support going, keeping us  all motivated, and our horses will benefit too! 

So put your thinking caps on and bring your ideas along so we can continue to make our Practise Groups a wonderful support for everyone, even through this lockdown.

PS apologies for the change of date.

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Hi Everyone,
Here is the recording for out chat tonight. 

We will keep this thread running so we can collaborate ideas for our virtual play days.  For all of you listening in, we want to hear your ideas too, keep 'em coming!

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Hi ,Great chat thanks..Here is another idea...

We are going to do Patterns as a focus theme for our next virtual PD . Start off with a warm up pattern first for everyone to do,then could do how many patterns can you find on your homework cards,and then pick one pattern to do.

E.g.Place 5 markers/cones 5 Metres apart weave in and out of cones at walk,at trot. 

Figure 8 

Simple lead changes

Will let you know how it goes. 

Cheers :)

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Hi all, here is an update of how we went for our Virtual PD. We all logged in ready to chat about the theme, which was 'patterns'. I re- read the whole book RFT, and found so many references to patterns. In group chat i shared some pre reading i found before our practice day ..eg. page numbers and highlighted the word patterns.....all references to patterns all through out the RFT book, which got us all thinking about how valuable they are to help us and our horses. We discussed why we use patterns, some of our favourite patterns,  warm up patterns, and what we are working on at the moment, and will be practicing that morning . We then headed out for some practice. Then if you wanted to.... post a pic up later on QS Fraser Coast page of what you got up too. Fiona posted up that she decided she needed to regain some feel, so off with the saddle for the foreseeable future. She worked on HIM flex pattern, with lots of discoveries. It was great to catch up with everyone,  and we really miss having our get togethers, so this was good way we could still stay connected.

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Hey that's great Kerrie!  Well done you!  And how much did you learn with the research you did?  
So nice to hear that it went so well and yes, the catch ups are so important for everyone.  I did see Fiona's post on facebook, I think that is a great idea. :)

I am going to host a virtual play day for my victorian groups in a couple of weeks time, I might just borrow your patterns idea :gathering:

And for May I might do a homework card ticking day.


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Hi Mel, It gave me a different mindset to Patterns,and how valuable they are . For me it really made sense on why we do what we do in all things QS,and why we do Patterns. I could never do it any other way. Why would you? It was a good reminder when we are out there doing our patterns, don't turn into a make monster,and to RFT.

I am also looking for ideas for May...Thought i' d share with you my notes.....I know it's a lot to read lol.;):whistling:

What to keep in mind when out practicing our Patterns- Why pattern's work in release focus training. research from pg  16-21 and 58- 59

The difference of using pressure, what happens. Once you start down  this track of using pressure, you'll have to keep doing it forever ,because the horse is relying on you to tell him what to do instead of learning his own responsibilities .Instead of getting better, lighter and more responsive, he'll probably actually get worse-more heavy and more dull-because of opposition reflex. So when we are out there doing our PATTERNS really focus on release, and not turn into a make monster! They don't learn from application of pressure either from human or another horse. They learn from actively seeking release. It makes sense to them .And because they are matchers, they don't need to constantly be told what to do. PATTERN"S is a language horse's understand, and even how they communicate in a herd, with their everyday lives. Horse's only need to be shown that what there are doing is not desirable and they will stop doing it and try something else. This can be done by simply not offering release while the horse is doing the undesirable thing. For eg. if a horse pulls back while online, the tension is kept constant on the rope by the handler. As soon as the horse stops pulling back, the tension is immediately let go, thereby giving release.iF THIS PATTERN IS REPEATED CONSISTANTLY,PRETTY SOON THE HORSE LEARNS TO NOT PULL BACK. And when the horse does the desirable thing and is left alone, they'll just keep doing that. 

PATTERNS...The difference between using pressure and repetition training tricks/ cues.....and FOCUS RELEASE TRAINING. 

A horse whose owner or rider is fair in what they ask of the horse, is a horse who soon becomes relaxed, calm, and happy because the human is relating to him in a way he understands. The horse knows where he stands. This is a owner who recognises the smallest of tries the horse offer's who offer's clear direction rather than opting to go straight to pressure and whose timing of release is immediate and complete. On the other hand ,a horse whose owner is unfair, inconsistent, who relies solely on pressure and who never consciously offers direction or release, will be at best bored, dull desensitised and withdrawn and at worst will become fearful, distrustful and dangerous. 

Why then, if horse so strongly and innately learn from comfort or release being offered and so very quickly pick up on a PATTERN, would we need to resort to using pressure or train them over and over with repetition to get them to do as we ask? REPITION TRAINING DEVELOPS THE PHYSICAL SIDE OF THE HORSE BUT NOT THE MENTAL OR EMOTIONAL SIDE. This mind set just show our human way of thinking and interpreting-incorrectly-the horse's behaviour and thought process. We are thinking like predators-humans-and not really understanding how a horse thinks. With a trick, a cue is provided, the horse does the turn and generally some kind of reward is given. One cue, one response. With communication however, the turn can be varied .HORSE'S ARE VERY,VERY  TRAINABLE SO IT IS EASY TO CONFUSE TRICKS WITH COMMUNICATION. Tricks however, do not encourage forward thought or decision making, as they are right brain response taught through repetition. They don't build the horse's confidence or make him safer to be around. The horse isn't really thinking. We need to help our horse use and strengthen their left brain-the logic side of their brain isn't initially as developed as their right brain. The only way to do this is by giving them a chance to use it! By giving them tasks to do that cause them to think, just the same as us. Many people with performance horses confuse tricks with training patterns. The performance becomes a series of tricks that are asked for with cues ,that need to be practiced over and over in order for the horse to learn from them. But if the horse gets it wrong, or one is missed, he quickly loses confidence because his sequence is broken. FOR EXAMPLE,IT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE TO CHANGE A DRESSAGE OR REINING PATTERN,WITHOUT CONFUSING OR UNSETTLING THE HORSE OR WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT.IF THE PATTERN IS NOT VARIABLE,IT MOST LIKELY JUST A SERIES OF CUES AND TRICKS.

Practicing our Patterns in Float loading....pg 28,29

By first asking then rewarding the slightest try, very soon the horse sees a few things happening. He sees that when he tries, he finds release(comfort) which is what he seeks. He also sees that when he follows the direction of the human, he is okay. Nothing bad or threating is happening, there is no real danger and he is unharmed. HORSES ARE VERY INTELLIGENT CREATURES AND BECAUSE THEY UNDERSTAND PATTERNS AND THEY SEEK COMFORT,THEY SOON GET THE IDEA TO STEP FOWARD AND EVENTUALLY ON TO THE TRAILER. And not only do they go on, they do so happily and willingly because of the trust and confidence they have found in their human during the process. They actually relax and rapport between horse and human is increased many fold.



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Thank you Kerri, this will be so helpful for all the other GO's if they want to follow your lead.  And some really good points you have highlighted here about patterns too.

OK, ideas for more play days..
Flight Tests
Impulsion Programmes
and then there is that toilet roll challenge you could do as a passenger lesson.
....there are lots of aspects you can pick out of the programme to focus on.

I like homework card days as it will be great encouragement to get everyone out there doing homework and I think you could do Assignment filming together virtually as well.

Also, what about just discussions such as listen to a fireside chat and talk about that?

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