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Quantum Savvy Experience 2020

The Quantum Savvy Experience Camps are well underway now!

Today is the off day for Level Two camp with Shane and the first day of Level One camp with Meredith.

Camps are such a wonderful way to immerse ourselves in horsemanship and each year we always see many firsts and Ta-dah's.

Please use this thread to share your discoveries and fun and photos from camp 2020.

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Level One camp and Level Two camp are now finished and wow what a great week we all had...

I personally learned so much from participating in level two camp. Recapping all of the impulsion programs was so great for me and Pearl. We have really started to find a flow in moving forward and I am finding that she is following my suggestion much more and I'm using my phases less and less. My highlights were getting a very extended trot down the hill to my stopping spot - wow that was cool to ride! and also getting canter transitions from my rhythm.

I'll wait for the other participants to share some more of their details of their weeks with you.

In the meantime... enjoy these photos from Level One and Level Two QSE 2020.











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Here are some photos from my first ever camp, the Level 2 QSE at Woolooga. 

Camp was 9 days of total horse immersion which I can highly recommend.  Spending 11 days solid (one day either side travelling) with Dakota has really enabled me to get to know her better and deepen our connection.  We had lots of "firsts" in the camp such as trying Liberty for the first time, riding bareback, trail riding with one rein, jumping over the barrels ridden and contact riding with two reins.   It was an amazing opportunity to improve my horsemanship skills and hopefully step up to be the leader she needs.  I am very proud of how well she went for a 3 year old horse.   Camp itself was great with fantastic company, chats around the campfires, meeting new people, sharing the toilet with the cute green tree frogs, pizza night and many photo opportunities in the Australian outback.








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Oh wow guys, thanks for sharing, I bet you had an amazing time!! It brings all the memories back from last year :wub: QSE is just the best!! :cowboy:

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Enjoy this montage from QSE 2020. For all of you from interstate or overseas, we really missed you this year at our much altered event. We hope to see you all back here again some day not too far away. For now, take care.....Full details on next year's event coming soon.

We had such a fabulous time at QSE this year.  Of course we hugely missed all of our interstate and overseas family who couldn't make it to camp and we had to make a lot of changes for it to go ahead.

Thank you to all of those who did come along though and made it such a fun and interesting event.  We've put together a photo montage for you and will send you a copy in the mail ASAP.   In the meantime, enjoy it here now.

For those of you who missed this year or who are wanting to come along next year, we'll soon have details on QSE2021 released so we'll be in touch.



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