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Cheshire RFT 2009

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Hi all...posting this for Antonia.




Confirmed!!! A two day Release Focus Training clinic with Shane and Meredith Ransley, near Knutsford Cheshire.


Come and join us , and boost your skills or just find out what it's all about!


When: August 17th & 18th

Where: Springfield Farm, Great Warford

Time: 9am to 5pm daily

Costs: Riders VIP £190 (QS Members) full price £240

Auditors £20 VIP / £30 full price


We also have a video night with Shane and Meredith at the venue on Sunday 16th from 6.30pm.

All welcome, so come along and meet Shane and Meredith and find out all aboout Quantum Savvy and how it can help you with your horsemanship dreams.


If you can't manage to bring your horse , come and watch and learn.


Hurry!.....there are only 2 rider positions remaining so join us for our event of the year !


Contact me on 07974696730 or the Quantum savvy office at enquiries@quantumsavvy.com



Soooo looking forward to it and love to see you there :lol::lol:




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Hi Everyone, well our third clinic has come and gone.

This year was even more special as we had the benefit of Shane for a full week and Meredith for 5 days before she had to fly back to Oz.


Our week started with our Level 1 ridden workshop . We had a 6 participants but one had to drop out due to a dislocated shoulder from the week before which was just too painful. The whole group got tremendous input from Meredith's wonderful teaching and all their riding skills improved . By the end of the day they looked and felt much more confident .


On the same day Shane started Harry's colt start ( Emma's horse) . Amazingly he was on board shortly I left him ( unbeknown to me at the time) and in a field at that !

On that day also he started Victor's performance training . I have to say I have never seen him go so fast under saddle !! Wow !!


Our weekend continued with Harry's training and Victor's, I had lesson fo in the field on the Saturday and getting him soft and more engaged behind in the school on the Sunday .


Our clinic started with a well attended video night on the Sunday . And then 2 fantastic days with 9 of us at the RFT clinic.

We had 3 newbies among us but Shane did a marvelous job keeping us all busy at different levels.

We all got stretched out of our comfort zones and learned heaps.


Shane did an amazing demo on a total ' non loader' of several years who loaded calmly by the end.

Everyone acheived new goals and several got help with their sticky bits.


After the 2 days Shane carried on with his training of Harry who was cantering in the school by his 3rd ride and gave Heather's horse Ed a couple of sessions as his Mum couldn't do the clinic due to her shoulder. He got him so much softer on line and ridden.

He carried on with Victor's training ( went even faster in the field ) and gave me another couple of lessons during the sessions.

What a privilege to have ridden lessons with Shane , WOW soooooo lucky !!

Beth's horse Molly also had 2 sessions to tackle her learned behavior of going stiff and running off when ridden. It was lovely for Beth to see that it was a problem that needed professional help ( a rescue horse with a troubled background) and get help for her to help the pony.


It has been amazing week when I have been in a different world for 7 days. Everything else in life was put on hold and it was magic , a bit like being at camp. So much to learn and take in .


But even though every horse was different the same QS principles and techniques where applied to help them . The skill was knowing what to apply and where . Shane was amazing!!


Another lovely thing was that Annie ( Stella's mum) flew down from Scotland to join us to watch the ridden clinic. It was lovely to see her again after a year .

Also Verena came over from Germany for the whole week ( she is accompanying Shane to Ireland) and it was great to meet her and I am very grateful for all her wonderful help over the time she was here.

Good luck with your new horse when you get home Verena !


Also it was lovely to meet Meredith's mum again ( after meeting her in Oz this year) and great to see Rhiannon toddling around like a real little person now !


Thank you Shane and Meredith for putting so much time and dedication into the program and for coming all this way to give us such a boost to our learning . :D :D :D


ps , And it didn't rain all week ( nearly)

Edited by Antonia

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Hi Antonia.....gosh it seems like ages already since I saw you but it was only a few days ago. It was FABULOUS to get to spend a bit more time with you this year.....hopefully next year we can do something similar. The days just fly by and there is never enough time.


We had a terrific time with your group again this year and it was great to see the advancement of the group as a whole. And you and Victor as such wonderful examples for the others in the group. And what an enthusiastic bunch of auditors. Fabulous.


Thank you so much for getting it all happening once again and thanks too, to Rachel and everyone else who came along and supported the event.

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