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Qs Surrey Experience 2011

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Shane and Meredith are coming to Surrey, England on July 29th, 2011.


We have a very full and exciting programme planned. Please mark your calendars and get in touch with Meredith or me if you would like more information or if you would like to book yourself on to any one of the events, to be held in Byfleet, Surrey


(Please note these dates are different from those originally published)


July 29th

Video Evening
for all participants and their friends and anybody interested in coming to hear about the QS Programme


July 30th - July 31st

Level 1 Clinic
Perfect for first timers and for more advanced students that want to refine their skills!


August 1st:

QS for Juniors Day
: A special opportunity for the young ones to spend the day with Shane Ransley and their ponies. An experience they will not forget!


August 2nd - August 6th:

5 day Advanced Level 2 Clinic
. This clinic is for Level 1 graduates that are actively submitting Level 2 assignments. It is going to be absolutely fantastic. Great incentive to get those last couple of Level 1 Assignments in and crack on with Level 2 homework cards. It is soooo much fun! To get the most out of this clinic you would want to have your ground assignments in and be working on the ridden ones.


August 7th:

Private lessons
with Shane and Meredith Ransley for anybody that is interested. Only prerequisite is that you are participating in one of the Clinics.



Weekend of August 6/7th:

Demo Evening
: Shane and Meredith will be inviting some of their UK students to come and participate in an evening open to the public to showcase the QS programme.


We need to have 6 deposits by January 22nd for each of these Clinics to be able to confirm them:


Level 2 Clinic: £175

QS for Juniors Day: £35

Level 1 Clinic: £70


Balances will need to be paid by May 8th to enjoy Member VIP prices. After that date prices go up.


Level 2 Clinic: £350 (£525 total)

QS for Juniors Day: £65 (£100 total)

Level 1 Clinic: £140 (£210 total)


There are only 10 places in each clinic and I already have some deposits in hand - so please act fast! Deposits can be made directly to Quantum Savvy via their website www.quantumsavvy.com or to me. Please contact me for bank details on 07775 831544.


All events filling up fast - so get in touch with me as soon as you can!!

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Woohoo!.....we can't wait either. It's going to be another HUGE trip to the UK this year and it'll be fabulous to see you all again and meet those we haven't met before.....welcome Nicky!

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Hey Monica


Just transferred you my deposit for the Level 1 and 2 clinics :).


Have we decided on the final dates for these? I have the whole of the week off work anyway so Max and I can play uninterupted in QS land together :clapping:. Actually, on that subject, can I move him into yours the week before and the week of the clinic (so about 24 July - 9 August)? He'll be barefoot by then :) .


Nicky xx

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Thank you Nicky! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Great to read you are prepared to do what it takes to be a Level 1 Graduate before Shane and Meredith come in August!


And yes, Max is welcome to come and stay anytime!


See you soon.


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Six deposits in already for the Level 2 Clinic!!


Six deposits in for the Junior Day!!


3 Deposits in for the Level 1 Clinic - 4 more promised and pending arrival!!


QS Surrey 2011 is going to happen - if you want to participate, hurry up and get in touch with me.


Thank you all for your amazing support!



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WOW :clap: :clap: , I'm so excited for you Monica, this is going to be HUGE!!:clap: UK, you are in for an awesome experience!

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We have made a switch in dates during the week Meredith and Shane are with us to be able to accommodate even more people! Please take note of the new dates!!


Thank you everybody,


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It's very exciting Monica. We CAN'T WAIT! I'll update my list now to include the UK / Europe events.


For those of you in UK/Europe please check my other post which shows all the events we are doing as well as where we've had expressions of interest from for holding clinics etc. We're trying to accommodate as many of you as possible so hopefully well have an event near you or let us know and we'll see what we can do! We have about 5 - 6 weeks in Europe and we want to see as many of you as possible.

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  • 5 months later...
Guest monica

One week to go.....




Next Friday, July 29th, remember we have our FREE VIDEO DEMO EVENING, with Shane and Meredith. Yes, they will be here, all the way from Australia, to share their dream and their vision with us. You want to be there!!


We will me meeting at 6:30 in the Meeting Room of Old Barn Stables (driving through Surbiton Golf Course), Woodstock Lane South, Chessington, KT9 1UF.


If you would like any further information, or have any questions, please feel free to call me on 0208 224 3499.



Following the Video Demo Evening there will be the following events:


July 30th and 31st Level 1 Clinic (2 rider positions available)


August 1st Junior Day (if you would like your child to have the day of their life with the Peter Pan of Pony World! please get in touch soon - just a few spaces left.\


August 2nd to 6th Level 2 Camp (7 campers confirmed)


August 7th Horsemanship Demonstration with UK Students and Shane and Meredith Ransley in Byfleet



A full schedule! Auditor (Spectator) tickets availabe for all days. Please do call if you are interested. Once again the number is 0208 224 34 99 or email me: monica@equisharing.com



See you there!

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Tomorrow is the big day!!! See you all at the Video Evening!


PS - Thrilled to let you know Level 1 Clinic is now full! Auditor tickets still available.


Off to finalize details now. :clapping:

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Yay, and that extra person will be me! Thanks for your patience over the last few months, with all that has been going on with my family and Max its only this week things have come together for me to be able to attend. I really appreciate it and know I must have been a complete painl!!


Thank you so much for letting me work with Rioko. It will be such a challenge but I am sure I will learn so, so much.


Hugs and kisses from Max xx


Nicky :-)

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WOW! You are all going to have a fabulous time, this is going to be mind blowing :clapping:

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