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Advice Please - Barefoot Pony Now A Bit Footy

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Hi Sarah


Thansk you for allowing me to ask re your radiographs of your pony.


I have summarised the comments received as follows:


1. Can you get a new set of Rads and get them to mark the dorsal wall and apex of the frog. This will help show exaclty the amount of rotation and where the trimmer needs to trim. The ghosting also distorts what we think we may see.

On a whole ponies with rotation/laminitis should have the heels lowered, walls relieved so they are NOT peripherally loading, allow the caudal part of the foot...frog area to load and roll the toe back, rule of thumb 2/3 back part of the foot, 1/3 front part apex to frog. Booted and pads if required. As Harvey seems to be peripherally loading his walls he perhaps could be trimmed this way. Also look up Bowker and read Dr Debs suggestion in this thread on what she does with the sole calleous.

Someone here in Australia who is from the UK suggested you look up 'Equine Podiatry Training Ltd. on face book. It is quite cool


2.Re diet: The Equimins Meta Balance would appear not a good choice for footsore horses. Apart from the high the calcium content which will inhibit the uptake of Magnesium, it contains inulin - this is the oligosaccharide that Prof Chis Pollitt uses to induce laminitis in the laboratory. Check out this article.

http://www.ivis.org/...00106000538.pdf. There are many other supplements that would not have this in it and be better suited to your pony. Be critical of what is in all vit& min supplements they are putting things in them that are not good for our horses. If our horse are grazing on 24/7 grass they will not need much just a check on what type of grasses so that you can manage that.


Do you know what type of grasses you have in your paddock? The DVD will help you here. It has taken me years to sort out my paddock and I still have some nasties that are not good but I have a better mix now and I rotate.


3. The toxin in linseed is a cyanogenic glycoside. Also I would really recommend that you purchase Dr Deb Bennetts DVD on Poisonous Plants for Horses.

http://www.equinestudies.org/ It is a great reference and has a section there on linseed. There is a whole chapter on cyanogenic glycosides in the RIRDC (Australian government) publication: Plants Poisonous to Horses, with a page devoted to linseed. I know alot of people use it but given that there really haven't beeing sufficient studies done on the effects I would not feed it to my horses. I give Black Sunflower seeds to Maggie NOT the white & black as they are harmful to horses. Again you can check with you vet/hose nutritionist.


4. Sarah. No one thought that this pony was beyond help. The radiograhs are not nearly as bad as some I have seen. You are a caring person and you want what is best for your horses. You are doing the right thing by investigating your options.



Just to give an idea what Maggie is on and she does have a tendency to get quite fat and verging on laminitis




2 scoops of oaten chaff

2 teasp MSM

50ml of a 105g/150mix of Mag Chloride. (this is better than MgO as it is more absorbable)

2 handfuls of BLACK sunflower seeds

1 per measure of Myco sorb to bind any toxins eaten from the grass. This gets increased to 2 in spring & Autumn

1/2 teasp chromium yeast. ( not to be confused by the industrial chromium that you can get cancer from)

1 tablespn Ollsons macrobiotic salt

24/7pasture grazing.

That is all no V&M mix.


Since she has been on the MgC the tenssion in her muscles has gone and her metabolism has improved and she is now a sleeker looking horse with a nich shiny coat. I have regular trims every 4 weeks. Costly but has really got her feet looking good with now a concavity that wasn't there before. She is also moving alot freeer and walking on gravel roads.


If there is anything you would like clarification on please ask.




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Hi Dorinda, Thank you for the reply, just want you to know i'm not ignoring you!! I wrote out a long reply a day ago but i think the web has swallowed it! I will try and reply again soon :-)

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