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lisa roberts

Barefoot Blacksmith Trimming Workshops in NSW

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If your interested in learning to trim your own horses or even just for knowledge these workshops are an incredible learning experience.


Barefoot Blacksmith Trimming Workshops booked for the following locations and dates in NSW.

Tamworth standard Sat 18th May

Tamworth advanced Sun 19th May

Mudgee standard Sat 25th May

Cowra standard Sun 26th May

Cowra advanced Mon 27th May





An intensive one day workshop that is informative and hands-on. Learn how to maintain your own horse’s hooves yourself or just come along to learn the science of healthy feet so you can make informed decisions about your horse’s hoofcare.


Workshop emphasis is on safety, ergonomics and how to make a hard job easier. Tools, aprons and hoof stands are provided for use on the day.


Find out how to trim your horses’ feet from a master farrier who’s been “down under” horses full time for 20 years.


Although this course is designed to introduce people to barefoot management of horses, it is not just for beginners. A standard workshop is attended by all levels of trimmers: vets, farriers, apprentices and owner trimmers have attended our courses. Some people come back a few times. We offer a lot of information and not everyone picks it all up the first time. People learn at their own level.


Standard Workshop Summary:


After registration, when participants are issued with a booklet, there is a two hour Power Point theory session (with coffee break in the middle). This is followed by a step by step demonstration of trimming and tool use on a cadaver leg.


After lunch there is a demonstration on horse handling for trimming with emphasis on safety and making the job easier. Full participants then go to work on their own horse’s feet under supervision (auditors watch and may help hold horses).


The day is rounded out with a discussion of optimising barefoot performance (including a hoof boot discussion) and a valuable lesson on functional anatomy.


Participation in our standard workshop is a pre-requisite for attending one of our advanced workshops.


Cost: All participants at standard workshops receive trimming gloves, booklet, cadaver trim. Full participants also trim their own horse under our guidance.
Standard Workshop - Full participant (with horse) $250, Auditor (without horse) $170

Catering: BYO lunch. Morning and afternoon tea provided.

Bookings: Prior booking is essential (Full participants limited to 10, Auditors limited to 8)

Phone: 03 5773 4306 or email admin@barehoofcare.com


“With maintenance trimming you can keep your horse’s feet in perpetual balance – the way they are meant to be. This is the key to healthy strong feet, barefoot performance and long term soundness.”



Auditor or Full Participant?


These workshops are designed for full participants. We have the auditor option for people who physically cannot trim or people without barefoot horses at the time or who don’t wish to trim but want to want to know about healthy hooves etc


The advantage of being a full participant and bringing your horse far outweighs being an auditor.


1. Your horse gets a thorough evaluation on how it is going as a barefoot mount or how we think it is going to transition from shod to barefoot (we have many years of hoofcare experience). All horses’ feet are different; there are no set measurements etc and there are always little things we can do to help your horse.


2. You get supervised instruction while trimming your horse on tool use, trimming position, trimming technique etc. If you cannot finish the trim in the time allocated, we will finish it ourselves. Your horse will definitely get trimmed and trimmed well!


3. Bringing your horse means that we can look at the whole picture (the whole horse) to see if we can suggest anything that may help rather than just looking at photos.


Please have a browse on our website www.barehoofcare.com


There is a client feedback on the trimming workshop page: http://www.barehoofcare.com/testimonials.html


Hope to see you at a workshop soon, for more information and registration forms please go to www.barehoofcare.com/trimming.html





The Barefoot Blacksmith



Ph 03 5773 4306

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We held both a standard workshop and an advanced workshop up here in Darwin at the beginning of March. Both were EXCELLENT! Andrew is a great teacher and a really nice bloke with so much knowledge. Would thoroughly recommend his workshops to anyone who has a horse!

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Ditto to Jude's comments - Andrew and Nicki were down here in March and help fit all the pieces of hoof/horse care together!


If you can, an event not to be missed!

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Hi Guys,


I had Andrew out to trim my horses feet. He is a lovely guy who was great with Charlotte. I would recommend him to anyone.

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that is great Sharron your horses will end up with the best feet smile.png


we are lucky up here in Northern NSW to have Abby Parkes to do our feet she is a graduate of Andrew Bowe's Equine Podiatry Course and is an excellent trimmer.


Everyone who visits my horses comments on their great feet even Wakita's who 4 years ago when Andrew Bowe picked up his front foot (photo 1) and said .. "hmmm not much we can really do to help here at the moment is there ?" he had it all long toes, contracted underun heels, no digital cushion or lateral cartilage, thrush, seedy toe ... you name it every hoof issue known to horse !! and so began our journey into barefoot rehab.. trimming, boots, pads, casts, pea gravel beds, nutrition and movement we have done it all .. its been a huge learning curve and its not over yet but we are finally getting close to resembling a functional foot !! (photo 2).




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Yeah Lisa your horseys will be thanking you. I too have found it a huge learning curve so much more to it than I ever thought.


We have struggled go get barefoot trimmers down our way so Andrew coming down about every 5 weeks to our area so have my three booked in to him and I do maintenance in between.

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For anyone interested in maintaining there own horses feet or learning what a functional hoof should look ilke a Barefoot trimming workshop is a must do see below for

Andrew Bowe'sclinic schedule for 2013

if there isn't one near you contact the Bowes they are happy to look at other venues if enough interest.



The Barefoot Blacksmith ® Clinics Programme

Contact Us
 Andrew and Nicky Bowe
 03 5773 4306
 For Workshop enquiries -




Yarck standard VIC-Sat 15th June

Yarck advanced VIC-Sun 16th June

Portland standard VIC-Sun 23rd June

Clare standard SA-Sat 3rd Aug

Wudinna standard SA-Sun 4th Aug

Wilmington advanced SA-Thurs 8th Aug

Hahndorf standard SA-Sat 10th Aug

Kersbrook advanced SA-Sun 11th Aug

Horsham standard VIC-Sat 24th Aug

Yarck standard VIC-Sat 7th Sept

Yarck advanced VIC-Sun 8th Sept

Samford standard QLD-Sat 28th Sept

Samford advanced QLD-Sun 29th Sept

Toowoomba standard QLD-Sat 5th Oct

Nanango standard QLD-Sun 6th Oct

Narrabri standard NSW-Mon 7th Oct

Canberra standard NSW-Sat 16th Nov

Canberra advanced NSW-Sun 17th Nov

Launceston standard TAS-Sat 30th Nov

Launceston advanced TAS-Sun 1st Dec

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Maverick had his first trim last weekend by Andrew I had done nothing with his legs as Andrew advised me. He was a star. In Andrews latest newsletter check out Mavericks hoof print on back page

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Wow, I am so impressed with Andrews following :)

I am also a graduate from the diploma of equine podiotherapy and I have not looked back since starting barefoot 4 years ago. I highly recommend all horse owners to do one of his clinics and get under their horse. When you start taking responsibility for their feet, you take notice of what they look like, how they smell when normal and when there is bacteria and how they move :)

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