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7. Collection assignments

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Transitions and flys assignments with cards to show how it works.


Today we have what we call assignments for you to be inspired with. Assignments are the little tasks you do as you go through the modules to send to your coach on the QS forum. All QS members get assignment feedback included in their membership.
Assignments are for feedback they are not a test so don't panic, this is supposed to be fun after all.
These assignments are from Module 10 the "Collection" module.

I have attached the assignment PDF that students get in each module so you can have a read to see what is being worked on in the assignment.

Now you are at the end of the free intro videos why not get started with Module 1 "Leadership" today it is online and if you have been able to watch this series you will be able to do the modules online also. If your internet is a bit dodgy then you can get the modules on USB from our shop.


Want more videos? Try our 30day free trial Gold Membership and start module 1 today.  https://www.quantumsavvy.com/Members/signup.php?price_group=3


Want to know more about QS? check out Shane's Blog and Meredith's Blog here http://shaneransley.com.au/  and http://meredithransley.com.au/


Got some questions? Contact Angela here. https://quantumsavvy.com/contact/



Week 4 Assignment
This week's assignment is the Transitions Assignment.

Week 4 Assignment.pdf



Transitions Assignment video
Slow, medium, fast transitions, rebounds and simple leads with Shane and Mejor.



Week 5 Assignment
This weeks assignment is hind 1/4 control with fly changes.

Week 5 Assignment.pdf



Hindquarter control Assignment video
Hindquarter control and fly changes with Shane and Mejor.

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