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Tall Jill's Blog > Day 2- Canter Passenger Lesson Diary

Posted 15 October 2010

Day 2- We had a day off, due to some rain, also a bit of an excuse, but we have been shearing for the past two weeks. During this time I got a cold and then hayfever, which is something i used to suffer with chronicaly until I had my first daughter. I guess if there is a season your going  to suffer with hayfever its this year. The grasses here are so high...

Tall Jill's Blog > Diary Of The Canter Passanger Lessons

Posted 12 October 2010

I was having a canter passanger lesson today, and as I was riding along, all these things were going through my mind and I thought to myself, I should be writing a diary of our progress. I did start one a while back but I mainly use it to document things that I do at clinics.
So whilst the fences were looming up at me at quite a pace I thought "I might...