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meredith's Blog > Time to Change

Posted 20 March 2015

Hi everyone.  Here is my latest article, which is the first part to a three part series about Horsemanship!  I hope you enjoy it.
Time to change - by Meredith Ransley
"The danger from horse riding is compounded by the interaction of two species, human and horse, which may result in unpredictable events."
- Dr Raymond A. Cri...

meredith's Blog > Time, promises and the Southern Cross

Posted 19 March 2015

It's all about time isn't it.  How long things take, how much we can fit into our days, how quickly time goes by especially when you have a goal you're working toward or you're against the clock.  Or how slowly it goes when you are waiting for something important to happen or perhaps arrive!  When you have a deadline to meet, weeks fly by i...

meredith's Blog > Ah!....at last!

Posted 18 March 2015

I'm one of those people who never has a blank space in their head.  Ever.  Never ever!  In fact, I never have a single thought in my head.  Not even just a couple of thoughts.  In fact, it is usually so full of 'stuff', images, ideas, thoughts, feelings, impressions, that is feels a bit like a runaway train.  Have you ever se...