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About Me

Hi, I am a newly single mum with 3 amazing daughters.

"As to equine dreams there are so many and so little time.......we love to start them, we love to help them, we love to ride them and drive them - not too keen on competition though (well at least not the formal stuff) I hope that I pass on a genuine love and respect for horses and indeed all God's creatures to my children, as well as a desire to work in partnership with rather than dominate all of the significant others in their life both human and otherwise. To be able to lead when necessary and to be lead by those who have a greater understanding of a shared goal. These would be my hopes for the kids, and indeed myself.

Russell and I are blessed with many dreams hopes and aspirations, not the least of which is leaving the place a little better than we found it. So often for us it is hard to prioritise our activities and have everything pulling in the same direction. And yet for us everything comes back to horses. They are the central hub in all that we do. Russell is a boilermaker structural steel worker by trade, and is in the business of making horse drawn vehicles when he's not harness starting or just plain old working for a living. I have begun the journey to becoming a qualified saddle and harness maker, and am blessed with two of Australia's finest craftsman as teachers - Col Hood (Western Saddle Maker) and Mal Byrne (English Saddler turnout and performance).

Both Russell and I are interested in and committed to helping people achieve their dreams, whatever they may be, but in order to streamline our life a bit we have really begun to focus on the equine - service to folks with Horse drawn Carriages, Teaching people to drive and giving them access to a discipline that is hard to just 'try out'.

Between us there is not much we can't achieve, but we have realised the need to sharpen the Axe as it were, and grow our skills, and align ourselves with a programme that is easily duplicatable, ie the skills are readily tranferred from system to person without there needing to be some strange or innate talent within the person wanting to grow. I believe that QS fills this need, and we will continue to promote it with all our beings, hopefully through the example of our horses and their acceptance of us as their leaders."

Well that was then, things are a bit different now as there is only one. The pressures to be someone, and to succeed as the world sees it, and our inability to adapt to each other changing needs without offence finally took it's toll on us.
My Marriage is dead.
Col Hood is dead.
Christchurch my home is severely damaged, and my hopes of ever going home are even further away than ever before..

But you know what is exciting, none of the dreams I stated in the past have gone away. I still want to make a difference, I still want to leave the world a little better, and I believe it can be achieved.

I have taken a lot of setbacks in the most recent years, learning to apply the principles of personal space to all areas of my life, and it has not been without some cost.

But I am bolder, I am reclaiming my confidence and I will return as a person who will help to change the world for the better.

My QS story is a bit different from everyone elses, I was confident and I was achieving some pretty good outcomes. My own personal horsemanship Philosophy aligned naturally with QS and there were many parallels, balance not grip; ask not force; want to, not have to, so I figured I would just be able to latch on and learn what I didn't know yet.

This has been a big problem for me, because at the time I started with QS it was also the only area of my life I still had any successes, I had lost my (high level)career and status through illness and some wrong marriage strategies, and the process of being stripped back to a place of utter horsemanship humility through assignments annihilated the last few grains of my self esteem.

I was so afraid that if I didn't have my God given ability with horses then I was NOTHING.

There is a parable of the student who went to see the master because he wanted to learn the final secrets of his art. They sat down to tea and the master began to fill the student's cup, he was talking as he poured and soon the cup was overflowing and scalding the student. the student cried out "Stop master my cup is full", the master replied that is right my child and until your cup is empty I cannot fill it.

Well it seems to me that God desired that I have and empty cup, and here I am starting again in all area of my life.

I am newly separated for safety's sake. Level 1 taught me that.
I have a new career path to pursue, but I have to start at the bottom.
My horsemanship goals still stretch out before me, but now I know that I can be added to....that this opportunity to change things is a good thing. I am still afraid of pass or fail horsemanship, but that is not the truth of the system, just my skewed perceptions and demons of the past trying to scare me out of trying.

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