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brumbygirls' Blog > One Week On

Posted 06 October 2008

Clancy is coming along great guns. There was hardly any swelling and he's as happy as ever. Since he was gelded I've had to put Rory and him back together (paddock management) and its the best thing I could have done. Nothing like a mare to fix a naughty colt oops gelding. He's behaving much better now, I'm not...

brumbygirls' Blog > Clancy's Big Day

Posted 03 October 2008

My poor baby... on Monday Clancy was gelded and I felt very guilty. It all went very smoothly, apart from trying to give him his penicillan injections.. with two of us trying we couldnt do it - he was behaving very badly and the needle was HUGE!!!! (cant blame him really, I wouldnt have stood still for that one...

brumbygirls' Blog > My Brumby Update

Posted 12 August 2008

We measured Clancy this week and I must say I've been putting it off as I've had a bad feeling he wasnt going to be as big as we originally anticipated and guess what  :huh: ....... we were right, he'll be lucky to reach 13 hands so looks like the kids will get a pony after all. Never mind we'll...

brumbygirls' Blog > Clancy comes home

Posted 25 July 2008

Clancy has arrived home safely - after I made a few modifications to the inside of Del's float. He doesn't tie up and is small enough to go under the chest bar so I had to do a couple of things to make sure he didnt fall out he door (the float is a Kentucky so the door is at the front).

To tell you a...

brumbygirls' Blog > A new member is coming to my little brumby family

Posted 15 July 2008

Clancy is coming on Thursday!! Yay, I am so looking forward to picking up my new boy this week, he is such a baby at the moment and I look forward to seeing how well he improves with some extra TLC, not that his current owner doesnt do a good job, but she has 5 other young ones to look out for too, not to mention all the other...