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Preparation before your ride.

By Shane, 12/28/2019

Checking your horse before you ride. What to do and how often. An educational and entertaing fireside chat.

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What if u don’t have a jump where u might be?  I have started to use a gait variants in walk and trot, change of direction and spirals as I don’t have barrels yet 

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It really needs to be a simulation of a canter stride, so even a steep hill, log, trailer ramp, anything that causes the stretch and canter position. It is prep for the riding transitions. When we are traveling there are often no barrels where we want to go for a ride so we would do a canter transition online (or lay your spouse on the ground). The canter online isn't a good idea for pre level ones though as they could actually put brace in the horse, so beware level 1 and 2.

We have also used wheely bins :thumbsup:

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