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Desensitizing doesn't build confidence.

By Shane, 12/29/2019

How desensitizing your horse can set you up for an unsafe surprise. Another entertaining and educational fireside chat with Shane, Mel, and Meredith.

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A great topic. Thought provoking. Sometimes my horse can be so emotional that it seems as though her ability to think through a situation (that one day is ok then the next day, same homework but maybe different environment is stressful). It seems she doesn’t cope with change and it alters her ability to think the situation through. Do I keep just working on getting consistency with homework tasks under lots of varying situations, environments , circumstances? 

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What Jacquie said! Great chat and definitely thought provoking! I don't ever want my horse to be "dulled out" In the traditional horse world, you hear that you have to desensitise your horse, so they're calmer. QS has taught me that that's a load of malarkey, and most people don't really know what the implications of desensitising is. I've been guilty of it, to some degree and found that out in my last Lesson with Mel. I don't always use my phases effectively and it cause Simba to yawn and kinda shut off, so I need to be aware of this, as it could lead to the dreaded D word!! Anyways, thanks again and I'm looking forward to the answer to Jacquies questions!!

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Getting them confident is the key. Yes Jacquie, lots of exposure to different environments but keep her calm and try not to overexpose them. Yes, keep ticking those homework cards. And try not to be to quick on the phases so they get a chance to make a decision.

Enjoy your horsemanship B)

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Thanks Shane.  I was thinking that was the best way forward but so coincidental the fireside chat was in my email and offered the opportunity to ask my question. I'm glad I did.:)

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