Connect with your horse and build rapport

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We have the whole 5 day camp set out in 15 lessons on our Members Only website ready for you to get instant access today!

You will get your lessons the same as you do now with us sending you a regular email with the links to your lessons.

In this series you will find over 12 hours of tuition from Meredith Ransley as she shares with you how you too can obtain Harmony in Motion with horses.

Join with the class of 10 riders and you will get the chance to learn from their experiences as Meredith coaches the class through the step by step process of giving the students tasks that cause them to not only develop their horsemanship skills but to develop an understanding of their horses.

Share the students journey and watch with them as their confidence grows along with their skills and understanding.

This series has many invaluable discussion sessions as the students come across the many different learning opportunities and life changing lessons along the way, this is an oppurtunity not to be missed.

Join with the class and start your Harmony in Motion lessons today!~

With each lesson you will get

  • A full 45-50 minute HD video.
  • Printable workbook for easy reference of this great course.
  • Downloadable mp3 of the lesson for when you are out and about.
  • Plus access to the QS Horsemanship support forum
  • Lifetime access to your online lessons


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