A paradigm shifting horse course....awaken the horseman within!!!

This course will give you the step by step techniques to move as one with your horse.

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Have you ever been inspired by beautiful liberty work where the horse and human seem to be connected by something more than just repetition training, something that is just between them.
A rapport, a mutual respect for each other, an amazing connection!
Well if you have and if you have ever daydreamed about this being you and your horse then this course is just for you.

What about riding? Have you ever felt that moment where the horse responds seemingly just from your thought and wondered, why can’t I get that all the time? If you have and would like to know how to get that all the time and what to practice then the Harmony in Motion course is here to help you and guide you to achieve what most people never get to experience.
This is your chance to do something just for you and your horse.

To help you get started I have put together this FREE mini course with some of the amazing messages that Meredith Ransley shared at a 5 day Harmony in Motion camp in outback Australia.

This mini course will cover subjects like how to position and move yourself to encourage softness, calmness and respect in your horse.
How to get good transitions which will help you get fantastic self carriage and keep your connection with your horse.
Learn about what to do to keep your horse following your focus in all gaits saddled and bareback, reins or no reins!
Meredith will share with you how to use your body language so you won’t need to rely on phases or pressure to get your horse to have balanced impulsion.
This course will show you some fantastic techniques but just as important is the mindset that you need to have to be able to get the techniques to work! The correct mindset is the key! And Meredith presents this inspirationally in this course.

To get your access to the course just put your details in the box above and you will receive an email with your password to watch this first video and then each day for the next 4 days we will send you another great video from the camp.
Of course if you would like to get started and do the full course now you can from here. http://www.quantumsavvy.com/coaching/members/subscribe/

Regards Shane